Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Things that make me happy

(consider this a tag if you like)

homemade jams - or jams from farmer's markets

farmers markets

country crop rows

rain (when it's occasional)

when it's cold enough to run a fire in the fireplace


remembering my grandma & grandpa (Dad's side)

hearing stories about my grandma & grandpa (Mom's side, they died around my birth)

freshly clean me, Taya, Paul

Taya's laugh

Paul's smile

Paul & Taya laughing together (usually from rough housing)

family memories

my dad's wise cracks

childhood memories

chats with my mom filled with both trivial and meaningful

when a beloved friend calls

Taya's toddling walk

Taya's babbles

beautiful scenery

lovely photographs

when I'm pleased with a meal I've created from scratch

dates with Paul

Taya's dancing


homemade bread

beautiful interior design - especially if clean & modern, but warm and personal-

when I'm pleased with the design of a room in my home

playing hostess occasionally




favorite songs; especially ones I haven't heard in a long while randomly popping up on the radio

Carol Lynn Pearson's poetry

little kids playing outside

children's art

puffy clouds

thick forest of pines

making s'mores and hot chocolate by the campfire

my siblings - endless chatting & laughing

time with just my sisters

the tender and consistent love from my parents

snuggling with Paul

when it's chilly enough to snuggle in a blanket

a real Christmas tree

the house all decorated for Christmas

clean floors throughout the house

chats with friends who you feel 100% comfortable with

having sisters

when Taya lays her head down on me (brief moments, but I'll take 'em!)

Taya learning knew things and constantly

pictures of Taya

hearing from our Prophet


knowing I am a daughter of God

knowing God & Jesus Christ love me unconditionally

kneeling in prayer touching closely with my spouse

a clean house

a clean kitchen

watching a good movie with Paul

long talks with Paul

laughing with Paul

my own quirks that I can laugh at

epiphanies (or 'ah ha! moments' as Oprah calls them, & yes, I did just quote Oprah on my blog)

introspective moments

watching dance

big cities

small towns


favorite restaurants & cafes (unique atmosphere with killer food)

learning from and about people

snow skiing

roller coasters

playing social games and card games

doing someone's make-up

using quality or playful make-up

getting dolled up


ice cold water quenching my thirst

the 'pop!' sound of opening a Snapple bottle

that new plastic smell - like a new shower curtain or a new inter tube (weird - I know)

performing arts

listening to my favorite tunes

iPod! (if I personally had one to use, we have a nice iPod Nano I bought for Paul off Craigslist)

Target commercials (not to mention Target itself)

So You Think You Can Dance!

taking photographs


cinnamon rolls

Thai food

wood fired specialty pizza
pretzels dipped in fudge sauce
lemon bars

children's honesty

down-to-earth people

children singing

the internet

tall grassy fields


hiking - (not always though)

the beach

newly weds

thinking of how much I loved my wedding day



my time spent in London


fresh herbs, especially basil or cilantro!

any combination including fresh basil, roma tomatoes, & fresh mozarella cheese!

good cookware & handy cooking tools

independent films
laughing 'til my belly hurts - but I guess that one obviously makes me happy : )

(And if you haven't spent enough time reading this post and learning way too much trivial info. about me, here is a little video of Taya showing off a couple of her 'moves' -- her shoulder shimmies are the best)

Pending posts to come: I'm still gonna tell you about my trip to Vegas helping my sister-in-law out with her newborn baby girl (but I have beautiful pictures that we took that I'm playing around with in photoshop and want to finish them so I can share them! ..... & a post about Melanie & me going to the So You Think You Can Dance Tour - which was SO GREAT!!! ..... & a Taya update which is VERY overdue)


TheBlackForrist said...

wow, you like a LOT of things! many of which I like too =) the video's cute! thanks for sharing!!!

Sara said...

no wonder you've always got a smile on your face! I need more things that make me happy...

Larry and Karri said...

What a fun list! Isn't it great to count our blessings and see how wonderful life is? Since I've decided that my blog is now my journal, I think I need to take some time and do the same. Loved reading your list and watching Taya's groovy moves! She's such a cutie!

Sara said...

oh, and I LOVE the shoulder shimmy! She is absolutely ADORABLE.

How long did it take you to get to Vegas? My brother has a band competition next weekend and I'm actually considering driving out with Ben and without Joel. Kinda scared to go alone this far along though.

Meg said...

I liked your long list :) You are the more thankful type of person and thus are able to come up with such a HAPPY LIST. Dinner was fun and very good last week. Thanks for having us over, it was F-U-N! Looking forward to your upcoming post about SYTYCD-didn't know you did that! Cool.

Shannon said...

I love those earrings! You mentioned things I've never thought about but they also make me happy.