Monday, September 29, 2008

You should meet my mom.

You should. If you knew her like her friends and family know her, you would be inspired like the rest of us.

My mom celebrated her 35th birthday on Saturday (just kidding about the Saturday part; er no wait, just kidding about the 35th part, I think she turned 36, not 35) ;)

So here is why you should meet my mom.

She is the most service-oriented woman I know. I am not saying there aren't other service-oriented moms out there of course, but she really gives the most service out of anyone I know. For years, it seems like every time I call her, she is in the middle of some project or deed to help out another ... and whether she knows them well or not at all. Seriously, just about every time. ... That's a lot of service. And she has always been extremely selfless in raising us kids. She taught me that service opportunities can often come at the least convenient times possible, and just to expect that and go ahead and serve anyway.

She is a very happy and positive person. You can't help but feel better when you're around her. Even if she does use words like chonk (I think she made this word up) and zany and does a little giddy march while raising her shoulders, rubbing her hands together and doing the cutest cackle happy laugh, you can't help but feel happy.

My mom is talented. She plays the piano with such beautiful emotion. She taught many kids piano for years and is a wonderful teacher, instilling a love for music in them. Everything she touches turns beautiful; her home, weddings, floral arrangements, Christmas decorations, the food she cooks, even herself - she has great style, yet she is not materialistic, ... She is a talented reader and has served with this talent reading story times to kids at community libraries. She has directed many a road show play (remember those?) and dance festivals, and has the mind to just whip up little ditty songs for such plays.

She is an incredible seamstress. I didn't realize just how incredible until she created and executed these gorgeous Irish Gaelic costumes for an Irish soft shoe dance that a few other dancers and I did in our dance performance group during my high school years. She can figure out ANY sewing project.

She is a steadfast woman who is striving to draw closer to Christ every day. After I went through our LDS temple for the first time before getting married, I thanked her for holding true to Christ and our Heavenly Father, and I meant it.

My mom is down-to-earth, smart, talented, beautiful (seriously she is beautiful now, and if you saw her college pictures, she's gorgeous!), very hard working, organized - very organized!, diligent, and so much more. With her down-to-earth sense and approachability, I have discovered that it seems like almost anyone who knows her has come to her with a problem and has sought her listening ear. I love that about her.

And so like I said, you should meet my mom. There is still much more to her than what I've described, so next time you see her with me, just walk up, shake her hand, and say, 'Hi Carol - I was told I should meet you', and you'll be glad you did.

Happy Birthday Mom!!! (I'm sorry I wasn't here in person). I love you so much!!!


Larry and Karri said...

What a wonderful mom! You are so lucky to have such a great example in your life. Funny, your mom sounds a lot like mine in many ways. :) Aren't moms GREAT?? I think it was sweet of you to post something like this for her to let her know how much you appreciate her. Well done, Mrs. Carol H!

Nate, Morgan, Asher and Sayer said...

oh yes, carol is the BEST! i love your mom. tell her happy birthday for me.

Jessica said...

Oh I love her too. And I always do feel happier when I am with her. I think the last time I saw her-which was far too long ago, she did the giddy shoulder, clapping thing you talked about and it was really cute. It gets you all excited:) She is wonderful. Give her my love.

Melanie and Jarom said...

Yes your mom is all those things. She is a great person and i think the world of her and your dad!

Melanie and Jarom said...

Yes your mom is all those things. She is a great person and i think the world of her and your dad!

Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute to your mama! Thank goodness for wonderful mothers. They are what keeps this world I think :)

Alexandra and Benjamin said...

Hooray for Carol. She is a gem for sure!!!!! When we will ever see them again? Oh, Sacramento is not the same without y'all. Will you be in Oxnard anytime during the holidays??? We'll be here again for Thanksgiving. Let me know dear! I love your banner photo! You are a cute family!!!

Meghan said...

Hi Breanne! I'm so glad you wrote... what a small world, right?! I'm glad you got to be friends with Megan and Mark; they are definitely one of the most inspiring couples I know.

I love the family pictures on your blog, and your baby girl is absolutely adorable! Sounds like you're doing well in Arizona. We'll be out for Christmas... if you're in town we'll have to stop by!

So nice to hear from you. Please keep in touch!