Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taya Lately

(Freshly bathed!)
Can you believe it?  I'm posting!  Yes, yes, it's been a long time ... I don't want 3 month gaps like that in the future, no siree.  
So, here is a little photo recap of Taya over the last few months ... a few of my favorites.  
And here are a couple of cute stories about Taya lately too:  
She has been saying 'I love you' spontaneously to me more often in the last couple of weeks, but the funny thing is, she is used to saying 'I love you too' & so even while initiating it, she says 'I love you too' & will hug me or kiss me; and so sometimes I say 'I love you too too' & making me feel hilarious, she cracks up each time.  I'm pretty much a puddle of water in these moments.  
The other cute story from tonight at family prayers before her bed time is that she was saying the prayer & asked for help ... Paul leaned over & suggested she ask to 'bless her sister' & she straightened up, looked over & patted my belly (quite large now btw), still praying, as she said 'Bless this 'lil baby right here' (something to that effect).  Aaaand, again, another puddle of water moment.
She makes me laugh & smile repeatedly every day.  
Oh yes, and ... she has not only told an adult who had a gruff voice from an illness that he talked funny, she recently told the middle aged man with a slight belly sitting behind us on the train as we circled around Disney Land (yes, this is deserving of its own post) 'Your belly is big!' - and a few other similar stories I know, but these two come to mind.  I was just telling someone a couple months back that I suspected we had many potentially embarrassing or at least amusing moments headed our way with our social & verbal 2 year old.  And there we go!

Visit to Grandma & Grandpa Johnson in March; Taya loves all of the time Grandma Johnson spends reading with her.

Paul's birthday; Liberty Market (a favorite!!)
Easter Time

Not quite close enough to the tv, Grandma & Grandpa Johnson's in March