Monday, August 27, 2007

7 Random Things About Me

So Melanie 'tagged' me on a different list, but I'm going to choose this list off of her profile instead ... this should be pretty easy because I have forever been a random person .... let's see what we come up with:

1. I found out recently that when referring to 'Eggo' waffles, I always say 'Leggo My Eggo' - but not knowingly ... Paul pointed it out recently and then I caught myself saying it again today when my sister asked what I was doing on our phone conversation & I told her I was eating 'Leggo My Eggos'
2. I had a lisp on my S's until I was age 12; I said them like the little red headed boy, Winthrop on the movie 'Music Man' -- maybe not quite as badly as him, but even as I say that I'm thinking 'well, probably just as bad'
3. I am double jointed: I can put my elbows in front of my body and if I flip my hair over my face, it looks like the back of my body. I can also stand with my legs facing outwards and keep my knees touching and still have 1' of space between my heels -- you'd have to see it to make sense I'm sure ... and there is more
4. I can't be short; i.e. That intro; I made a conscious decision to make it short & it was still a bit long ... as in I over explain things ... and different friends have made me so aware of it in the past that I am often consciously trying to shorten things instead! .... and this is one fine example where I didn't shorten it! (This can't have made sense to anyone)
5. I chopped my bangs off when I was 4 and my mom decided the only thing left to do with my hair was chop it all off ... so I looked like a little boy wearing girl clothes while I was 4 & 5 yrs. old. My older siblings called me things like Brian ... & Breanne the Man ... just one example of the youngest child teasings I received - yep, I'm milkin it now huh?
6. I had hideous teeth as a youngin - I suppose a lot of kids do for a little while, but I even had an extra tooth comin out the top above one of my other front side teeth -- thank goodness for braces (2 1/2 yrs.)
7. Among things I wanted to be growing up (even currently or until recent years with a couple of them), I wanted to be a dentist, a broadway performer, a cosmetologist, a wedding planner, a high school counselor, a screen writer for commercials, a music therapist, perhaps secretly a singer or actress, a voice teacher, a photographer, a news anchor, run a performing arts/dance studio with my dance friends, an interior designer/decorator ...... and I think the list goes on

Did I mention that I can't keep things short & I tend to over explain??
Maybe later I will do a 'Random Things list about Paul' .... watch out Paul!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mother To Child

Mother To Child
By Carol Lynn Pearson

Your little fist
Fits mine
Like the pit
In a plum.

I think,
In the time
Before remembering,
These two hands
Clasped companionably,
Then parted.

Help me, child.
Forgive me
When I fail you.
I'm your mother,
But in the end
Merely an older equal
Doing her faltering best
For a dear
Small friend.

You know you've been housebound when ...

You know you've been housebound when you have no idea what day or date it is.

You know you've been housebound when you have no idea what the weather is like (although who's guessing, it's between 107 Degrees & 117 I'm sure).

You know you've been housebound when you primp to go out and get the mail (and this is the only way you know what the weather is like).

And ........

You know you've been housebound when ... you're watching a sitcom with your husband and you laugh hard outloud ... and the sitcom joke you laughed at was so dumb that your husband looks over at you and honestly asks 'What?' ..... and you sheepishly say, 'well I thought that joke was funny .... at the time'

(I'm sure some of you have a million 'You know you've been housebound when .....' - any challengers?)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wink & a Smile

This picture epitomizes the joy that Taya has brought and is bringing into our lives. We love her so much & are so happy to have her. There are challenging times, but the difference to me seems to be that they are meaningful challenges. Maybe I am still really excited as a new parent, but I don't forsee this changing too much.

Don't you like bath time too?

Styling in her crib

Yes, we're ready to have this baby...

Waiting for Taya

Maternity Photos

These are a couple of many photos that my friend Jana took of me a week and a half before I had Taya. Jana is truly talented at photography & asked me if I would be her guinny pig for practicing maternity photos. I said sure! This one bares the belly a little bit, but I decided to post it anyway b/c it is one of my favorites and shows Jana's great skills.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Whatever comes to my mind...

Hmmm ... let's see how well I keep this blog up! Well that intro makes people maintain their interest I'm sure!

Don't you wish there were more dynamics to use in typing than exclamation points -- and even happy faces? I always find myself using both of these and looking at it like - no, that misrepresents what I'm trying to say ... especially with those smiley faces, I feel so cheesy (and some friends would love to tell me how I am), but they just don't describe what I'm trying to say, but they seem to be the only option sometimes :) :) :) :) I should look into patenting a whole new set of typing dynamics (should I end that with an exclamation point or smiley face? - neither would do it quite right, but neither would a simple period) .... !

Well, here we go: What's going on in our lives right now? Oh that's right - TAYA .... our beautiful little 3 week old Taya Kathryn Johnson (pronounced Teh-ya, not Ty-ah). She is so cute & lovable! And that I do - I love my little baby girl! I think I'm in love too!

Our little darling is starting to give us some 'parental experience' in the evenings. She wants to eat, but she doesn't; she wants to sleep, but she doesn't, she wants to be held, but does she really? .... she wants to cry, and she does. Well, I didn't mean to go right into that -- perhaps I shouldn't even have mentioned it. I will say though - that it is pretty amazing how things are different when it is your own child; instead of getting annoyed when your daughter cries, you just want to solve the problem & nurture her instead. I like that feeling.

We enjoy our days - and nights with Taya beyond measure. Paul is being such a good dad & husband! I didn't know just how helpful he was going to be! I appreciate it so much!

Taya is learning very quickly. She is following high contrasting images with her eyes very well and should be ready to work on the alphabet & numbers by next week for sure. I need a bumper sticker on my car that says 'Honor Roll Baby on Board'. Has anyone seen where I can buy one?

I'll let you know how the alphabet & numbers go next week. Expect big things!


(do people sign their names at the end of their blogs? Probably not - I'm new to this - but I suppose I can do whatever I want! It's my blog!)