Sunday, August 19, 2007

Whatever comes to my mind...

Hmmm ... let's see how well I keep this blog up! Well that intro makes people maintain their interest I'm sure!

Don't you wish there were more dynamics to use in typing than exclamation points -- and even happy faces? I always find myself using both of these and looking at it like - no, that misrepresents what I'm trying to say ... especially with those smiley faces, I feel so cheesy (and some friends would love to tell me how I am), but they just don't describe what I'm trying to say, but they seem to be the only option sometimes :) :) :) :) I should look into patenting a whole new set of typing dynamics (should I end that with an exclamation point or smiley face? - neither would do it quite right, but neither would a simple period) .... !

Well, here we go: What's going on in our lives right now? Oh that's right - TAYA .... our beautiful little 3 week old Taya Kathryn Johnson (pronounced Teh-ya, not Ty-ah). She is so cute & lovable! And that I do - I love my little baby girl! I think I'm in love too!

Our little darling is starting to give us some 'parental experience' in the evenings. She wants to eat, but she doesn't; she wants to sleep, but she doesn't, she wants to be held, but does she really? .... she wants to cry, and she does. Well, I didn't mean to go right into that -- perhaps I shouldn't even have mentioned it. I will say though - that it is pretty amazing how things are different when it is your own child; instead of getting annoyed when your daughter cries, you just want to solve the problem & nurture her instead. I like that feeling.

We enjoy our days - and nights with Taya beyond measure. Paul is being such a good dad & husband! I didn't know just how helpful he was going to be! I appreciate it so much!

Taya is learning very quickly. She is following high contrasting images with her eyes very well and should be ready to work on the alphabet & numbers by next week for sure. I need a bumper sticker on my car that says 'Honor Roll Baby on Board'. Has anyone seen where I can buy one?

I'll let you know how the alphabet & numbers go next week. Expect big things!


(do people sign their names at the end of their blogs? Probably not - I'm new to this - but I suppose I can do whatever I want! It's my blog!)

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