Monday, August 27, 2007

7 Random Things About Me

So Melanie 'tagged' me on a different list, but I'm going to choose this list off of her profile instead ... this should be pretty easy because I have forever been a random person .... let's see what we come up with:

1. I found out recently that when referring to 'Eggo' waffles, I always say 'Leggo My Eggo' - but not knowingly ... Paul pointed it out recently and then I caught myself saying it again today when my sister asked what I was doing on our phone conversation & I told her I was eating 'Leggo My Eggos'
2. I had a lisp on my S's until I was age 12; I said them like the little red headed boy, Winthrop on the movie 'Music Man' -- maybe not quite as badly as him, but even as I say that I'm thinking 'well, probably just as bad'
3. I am double jointed: I can put my elbows in front of my body and if I flip my hair over my face, it looks like the back of my body. I can also stand with my legs facing outwards and keep my knees touching and still have 1' of space between my heels -- you'd have to see it to make sense I'm sure ... and there is more
4. I can't be short; i.e. That intro; I made a conscious decision to make it short & it was still a bit long ... as in I over explain things ... and different friends have made me so aware of it in the past that I am often consciously trying to shorten things instead! .... and this is one fine example where I didn't shorten it! (This can't have made sense to anyone)
5. I chopped my bangs off when I was 4 and my mom decided the only thing left to do with my hair was chop it all off ... so I looked like a little boy wearing girl clothes while I was 4 & 5 yrs. old. My older siblings called me things like Brian ... & Breanne the Man ... just one example of the youngest child teasings I received - yep, I'm milkin it now huh?
6. I had hideous teeth as a youngin - I suppose a lot of kids do for a little while, but I even had an extra tooth comin out the top above one of my other front side teeth -- thank goodness for braces (2 1/2 yrs.)
7. Among things I wanted to be growing up (even currently or until recent years with a couple of them), I wanted to be a dentist, a broadway performer, a cosmetologist, a wedding planner, a high school counselor, a screen writer for commercials, a music therapist, perhaps secretly a singer or actress, a voice teacher, a photographer, a news anchor, run a performing arts/dance studio with my dance friends, an interior designer/decorator ...... and I think the list goes on

Did I mention that I can't keep things short & I tend to over explain??
Maybe later I will do a 'Random Things list about Paul' .... watch out Paul!


Marie said...

I've seen the double jointed arms, the leg thing I'm still waiting for...

The Lambs said...

Hey Breanne! SO fun to see your blog and beautiful daughter and preggo photos! There's something so earthy about being full-tummied that makes you so proud to be a woman. I once heard of a woman who wrote her body a love letter after giving birth to thank it for everything it went through instead of being hard on it for not being just like it was before- I thought that was cool. Our blog is if you want to come see our little dude!

Lynette said...

Hey Breanne! I love your blog! Especially the music:) That first song is so great! Hey, I have a gift for you, I have meant to bring it over all week. Well, its acutally not for you, but for someone much smaller who lives with you:) I guess you will have to wait until Sunday. I know, the suspense is probably killing you...jk! So, will you be at church?

Janalee said...

Hey I love the over-explained explanations. It provides the necessary details that I'm going to ask for anyway. Since I'm big on details and asking, which Art hates about me. Well Hates is a strong word.

Lauren said...

all the reasons we love breski...

except for the things when you were young because, well, I didn't know you then

And for all of you that haven't seen the backwards-hair-flip-leg-thing, it's pretty freaky so don't ask to see it unless you are prepared.

Breanne said...

The 'red headed boy' I referred to about my lisp - oh yah, that's Ron Howard by the way. Ha ha - I acted like he was some random kid, he's only a little icon in American TV land.

Lauren -- I just had a thought - I realized how I could do the backwards arm thing and make it look even scarier! What if I put my shoes on the wrong feet and stand in a really wide/flexible first position & wear all of my clothes backwards? I am so bored and needing entertainment enough that I just might do it (and you know I'm sadly serious)! - And then I can post a picture and scare all of my friends away. hahahaha Ha!