Friday, February 22, 2008

Where did they go?

What?? I just realized in all my new glory of changing to a more simple template (not actually my original plan), I accidentally deleted all of my friends, links, etc.! Does anyone know if I can get them back without doing all of the work again? Uugghhh. Ironically, I've already spent a pathetic amount of time on blog this morning because I was originally trying to doing a special background, etc. and failed!

Any hints? Jana? Anyone? You may not see me blog ever again!

Or at least not for a little while. Blogspot - I'm mad at you!

Have you missed me and all my news??

Of course you have!

Multiplied Post. Yep, this post will be multiplied with information, some info. that many of you already know, but news that is taking up that little space of 'what to blog next' in my mind that I have to get it out.

Paul. My Parents. Taya.

Those are the blogs that need to be cleared out of that little blog to-do list in my mind!

So, first things first!

My parents are now neighbors! They moved here in January and I've been meaning to blog about it forever, but was waiting for the right picture, etc. - well, I think this cute one below will do! My parents decided it would be better to bear the heat and live near grandkids than to enjoy beautiful Northern California with hardly any family nearby. And we are so glad!! We have already enjoyed things like going out to breakfast and shopping on my birthday, .... AND going out to dinner to celebrate......... (this brings me to my next very big topic) Paul's earning of his LICENSE in ARCHITECTURE!!!

That's right. Paul found out last week that he passed his last of 9 HUGE tests in order to earn his official license in architecture! I am so proud of him. He was so anxious to find out, he could hardly bear it. He worked really hard to study for all of his tests and earn his license at the soonest time possible. This man was meant to be an architect - seriously. Not only is he incredibly talented in this field in many ways (yes, I'm bragging on my husband b/c I am proud of him), but he is CRAZY passionate about it. I am happy for him and for us (does this still sound too braggy? I'm just happy, that's all). GOOD JOB PAUL!!!

Below is a picture of my parents and us going out to dinner to celebrate Paul's good news and a picture of Paul celebrating - (oh wait, okay, this picture was really from months back when he was celebrating his hard earned victory over his Play Station 2 Madden '07 football game - once he beat the top level of the game - I finally had my husband back in the evenings, so I was celebrating too) - but this shows just what he felt like after finding out he passed the last test.

My parents are such wonderful people and we truly are blessed to have them nearby now. I am so glad Taya will have their positive influence so close at hand.

Ah yes. And then there is Taya. She is getting SO BIG!! I am wondering constantly how she can get into the things she does without even being able to crawl yet - we are doomed! (I think she's getting kind of close to crawling, but really, what's the rush right?)

These are some cute pictures below that we took recently (borrowed a nice camera), and I have been having fun trying to figure out Photo Shop (Notice the first one vs. its original version below - Photo Shop rocks! ..... Wish we could do professional photos every 3 mo.s, but you know how it goes, so this is our substitute version for now)

And that is all for my LONGEST POST EVER!!! Sorry friends!

Thank you to so many of you who were thoughtful for my birthday - I really appreciated all of the phone calls and generousity, and overall thoughtfulness! I had one of the better birthdays I've had in a long time! Thank you!