Friday, February 22, 2008

Where did they go?

What?? I just realized in all my new glory of changing to a more simple template (not actually my original plan), I accidentally deleted all of my friends, links, etc.! Does anyone know if I can get them back without doing all of the work again? Uugghhh. Ironically, I've already spent a pathetic amount of time on blog this morning because I was originally trying to doing a special background, etc. and failed!

Any hints? Jana? Anyone? You may not see me blog ever again!

Or at least not for a little while. Blogspot - I'm mad at you!


Breanne said...

So I simply just re-entered all of the links again. I know I'm missing some that I had before and still want again - don't be offended if I don't have you on here and did before - I just lost it all - that's all!

Haha, not that any of you would be taking my blog that seriously :)

Denise said...

HA HA HA, I did the exact same thing 2 days ago and at first I was like oh forget it, why do I need those links... oh because I like to go to those sites and I don't know the addresses! What a pain. I had to go through and re-enter them all. I'm glad that I'm not the only one.

Janalee said...

Breanne, I'm not as savvy as you think. I've messed with and ruined my codes so I can't do neat backgrounds anymore just plain one-color. Which is fine, one less thing to fiddle with.

bwest said...

i HATE computers

R said...

hey Breski,
Sorry late, very late BDay. Yes, I am a slacker on Myspace lately. So I did not even have a reminder there of the big day. But how could I forget?
Anyhow, 10 days later is better than never right?
I love the pictures of Taya.
Remember when she was so little and it was sooo hard? It seems like life's treating you well now.

BTW, Bella just got her cast off after breaking her leg after falling down the stairs! So, keep that little cutie away from the stairs. Not something I'd wish on anyone.
Take care,

Davis family said...

Hi Breanne, I haven't put any links on my blog, because I have been lazy and just didn't get to it. I was thinking I needed to add some of my friends and family on there, but maybe I won't now, because of what happened to you.
How are things? You guys all look great. come check us out, all the kids are huge.
Andi Davis

Sara said...

where did YOU go?