Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Half-Birthday to Taya!!

Taya turned 6 months yesterday (time has flown)! We love our little babe!

Taya in a nutshell right now:

  • Alternate noises between lip buzzes, squeal screams, mamama, dadada, bababa, ... oh yes, and an occasional cry here and there
  • Roll around like crazy (she could put any fire out! - insert courtesy laugh here)
  • Laugh (but we have to work for it and it's always in response to bouncing her, tossing her, swinging her, etc. -- the lady loves to move!)
  • Shake her head and hips back and forth
  • Suck on EVERYTHING
  • Smile at and flirt with strangers and friends OFTEN
  • Work on sitting up (definitely still in progress)
  • Stand on our laps lots and lots
  • Arch her back for fun - over and over again


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Links

See below if:

You are by chance feeling any of these moods ...

  • Artistic
  • Design Savvy
  • Modern
  • Procrastinating your next task even if it means looking at these websites Breanne has recommended...

(I added some websites to my 'Favorite Websites' List - all about design, mostly interior design, as I am feeling more passionate per say about it at the moment)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Miscellaneous Business to Take Care Of...

So Shannon told me that it wasn't working to post a comment on my blog: I told her that I thought
A: People felt too awkward to respond to my sappy post about our anniversary
B: The world had turned against me, but that I wasn't sure which one.

(Yes, I thought my joke to Shannon was that funny - I had to repeat it - Hey! Jokes can be recycled!)

Then I figured out the glitch and found 8 COMMENTS!! I AM SO POPULAR!!!

So this miscellaneous business:
Oh, okay, I guess I already checked one off my list with that intro.

Umm, you are all dying to know about the video & picture in the anniversary post. That video was taken while Paul and I were dating - he told me he was just taking a still picture and was tricking me (yes, he still likes to play jokes on me all the time). What cracks me up about the video is how flirty and new we are with each other ( you know what I mean by new?). Anyhow, it made me laugh. By the way, the first 6 or 7 songs I put on the playlist for the blog are songs that Paul had put on a CD he made for me for the night he proposed - some of them are actually kinda funny.

The picture was just of us after coming back from Paul's work party at Christmas time recently. I got that dress at Deseret Industries a few years back when I worked there. Half of our furniture and a 1/3 of my clothes are from DI - it paid to supervise at DI!!!! I bought that dress and knew I'd use it sometime - I just had to wear a tank top & shrug with it to be modest of course!

Last item of Business: For our anniversary, we went to Shabu Fondue (like Melting Pot, but almost half the cost). I would definitely recommend it! I haven't been to The Melting Pot, but the food here was very tasty (tasty recently became my new word that I use a lot & as I say it each time, I bug myself - don't know why). Shabu Fondue is across the street from the Chandler Fashion mall - I would recommend it - a great anniversary date because you have to spend at least an hour and a half there if you do all three courses!

Jana - let's see what else did you ask for? -- What I wore - oh, just some new jeans from Christmas, a pink top, and my best perfume, yeah nothing exciting, but I tried to feel cute, ya know?

Wow- I'm realizing this post is entertaining for a very small percentage of you, and probably not even that!
Anyhow, that's it for the misc. business!

Oh wait, one more item! (Aaahhh and you thought you could go back to checking your email, checking on your little ones, or watching your favorite Soap Opera) - but this is important if any of us want our non-blogging family and friends to leave comments for us!!! Please support this cause! ... And here it goes....
My non-blogging friends & family members have yet to ever leave comments on my blog & I'm sure many of you fellow bloggers are waiting for the same thing!

After clicking on the 0 Comments line at the end of the post (or in my case, 8 Comments ;) ), Under the 'Leave Comment' Box, go to the 'Sign-in' Button with the drop box that probably says 'Blogger ID', scroll down to 'ANYONE ID', click it! Then click on the 'Nickname' button (and write your name) or the 'Anonymous' button (if you fee like being mysterious) ...... AND YOU SUCCESSFULLY LEFT A COMMENT WITH NO OBLIGATION OR SOLICITATION NECESSARY!!!!!!!! Yay!! You feel creative and I feel popular and loved (this is very important you know)! We're all happy!

Wow - I've posted a lot this week - looks like I've gotten a little side tracked. Have a happy day!!

This is a funny picture of Taya from our road trip to Cedar City a couple of weeks ago: I had too many pics of us recently and not enough of my growing little Babe! Plus this may have been the only thing worth really posting out of this whole post.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Paul!!


Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!!

I'm a very lucky girl Paul!



Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Tiff!!

Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!

(It was actually yesterday; I did call yesterday, I just didn't post this until today.)

Tiffany is my older sister, 6 years older. Tiffany & I are #4 & #5 (out of 5). 6 years sound like a lot, but it has never felt like a big gap between the two of us.
Those who know Tiffany are amazed by her and feel comfortable and happy in her presence. Those of you who don't know her - well, you'd feel the same.

Tiffany accomplishes MANY things continually. She is a triathlete, cycling is her specialty. She does these long cycling races periodically, and though she does the sport as more of a hobby, she continually beats out the pros. She continues to shock and amaze my family with her dedication and abilities. Last year she won a cycling race called LOTOJA (Logan, Utah to Jackson Whole, Wyoming) - 206 miles (harsh weather & major altitude climbs!). This year she still ranked at the top. I can't even seem to wrap my head around her level of determination.

This is the thing though; Tiffany may be an excellent athlete, oh yeah, and by the way, a great interior decorator & awesome cook as well, but most importantly and admirably, she is this incredible person - this incredible Mother (of three cute rascals), incredible daughter, granddaughter, wife, but most of all, for me -- she is this incredible FRIEND & SISTER. Her patience, laugh & sense of humor, ability to listen & make everyone feel loved, her wisdom & way of seeing everyone as equals ... are just some of the qualities I admire in her. I feel so lucky to have her.

So Happy Birthday Tiff!
Side note: (I wish I could still live by my sisters! We love living in Arizona, but I do miss living by my sisters like we did briefly in Las Vegas! My sister, Fawn is very special too - but she may just have to wait her turn for a blog feature - if I do it birthday-style that is!)

Okay Tiff, I did it, now you owe me $50. ;)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Who does your husband have a Mancrush on??

My Husband has mancrush's on...

Peyton Manning

Brad Pitt
(this is not quite like it sounds ... ever since Paul found out that Brad Pitt is part architect and heading up a project in New Orleans for new homes [environmentally friendly modern architecture], Paul has joined the Women's bandwagon of Brad Pitt fans - okay, maybe not the Women's bandwagon, as it is for different reasons).

Brett Dennen
(a singer)

I am defining Mancrush (there, I even put it in a blue font to show that having a Mancrush is still manly): When a man takes special interest in another man (I think almost always someone in the media - someone they don't actually know - usually an athlete) ... Maybe that Mancrush shows up on TV and your husband suddenly loses interest in everything else but his mancrush. Your husband gets a special gleam in his eye anytime he sees his mancrush on tv, etc. Someone mentions his mancrush in a conversation and your husband's ears perk up - 'who, what? ... 0h yeah, did you hear about .... blah blah ... the he (insert Mancrush's name here) did recently .... that was so cool'.
C'mon, seriously, I know Paul is not the only one, I've had conversations about this with friends. Who does your husband, brother, etc. have a MANCRUSH on?

Okay, Paul, you can post anything embarrassing about me that you want to now (within some sort of humane limits please).

FRIENDS PLEASE: If you don't see me at church this Sunday, please start a search for me, for fear that Paul has locked me away somewhere. ;) ;) ;)