Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Tiff!!

Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!

(It was actually yesterday; I did call yesterday, I just didn't post this until today.)

Tiffany is my older sister, 6 years older. Tiffany & I are #4 & #5 (out of 5). 6 years sound like a lot, but it has never felt like a big gap between the two of us.
Those who know Tiffany are amazed by her and feel comfortable and happy in her presence. Those of you who don't know her - well, you'd feel the same.

Tiffany accomplishes MANY things continually. She is a triathlete, cycling is her specialty. She does these long cycling races periodically, and though she does the sport as more of a hobby, she continually beats out the pros. She continues to shock and amaze my family with her dedication and abilities. Last year she won a cycling race called LOTOJA (Logan, Utah to Jackson Whole, Wyoming) - 206 miles (harsh weather & major altitude climbs!). This year she still ranked at the top. I can't even seem to wrap my head around her level of determination.

This is the thing though; Tiffany may be an excellent athlete, oh yeah, and by the way, a great interior decorator & awesome cook as well, but most importantly and admirably, she is this incredible person - this incredible Mother (of three cute rascals), incredible daughter, granddaughter, wife, but most of all, for me -- she is this incredible FRIEND & SISTER. Her patience, laugh & sense of humor, ability to listen & make everyone feel loved, her wisdom & way of seeing everyone as equals ... are just some of the qualities I admire in her. I feel so lucky to have her.

So Happy Birthday Tiff!
Side note: (I wish I could still live by my sisters! We love living in Arizona, but I do miss living by my sisters like we did briefly in Las Vegas! My sister, Fawn is very special too - but she may just have to wait her turn for a blog feature - if I do it birthday-style that is!)

Okay Tiff, I did it, now you owe me $50. ;)


Breanne said...

Oh my goodness, I did not realize how scary Taya looks in that third picture until I clicked on it & it enlarged - she looks evil! Haha, don't worry Tiff, she does like you.

Breanne said...

Testing 123 --
Ignore this.