Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Links

See below if:

You are by chance feeling any of these moods ...

  • Artistic
  • Design Savvy
  • Modern
  • Procrastinating your next task even if it means looking at these websites Breanne has recommended...

(I added some websites to my 'Favorite Websites' List - all about design, mostly interior design, as I am feeling more passionate per say about it at the moment)


Sara said...

YAY! I just signed up to get four catalogs from those websites you posted. I am so excited!!! (and if anyone makes a comment about clutter I will delete you from my friend's list) hee hee

Sara said...

The four I tried all said the catalogs were free: Chiasso, Iconic, Room and Board and West Elm.

Free is great :)