Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taya Baya

I've had so many grand blogging plans, but with my computer breaking down more often than not lately & a list of other things that have definitely taken priority over poor blogging, well, this is what we get.  Good enough I say.
So our lil' miss Taya is now 3 (see I'm a couple months past due on that announcement!).  She has been a talker for so long, have I ever told you that?  I usually hesitate to talk about my kids' abilities on the blog b/c it just feels like a comparison or bragging or complaining trap, but I don't quite know how to describe Taya without mentioning some of these things.  She is very articulate, has an ability to reason and pick up on things that is recurrently shocking to us, and she can talk talk talk.  Although she is surprising me by starting a shy side with strangers lately.  I love her normally outgoing little personality, but I suppose life teaches you to start being a little shy sometimes, no? 
Lately she has used words like:  literally, eventually, strange, perfectly, breastfeeding, distracting, ... and I know the list goes on (yet she still skips the number 12 a lot when she's counting).  She loves swimming, usually likes to paint, loves social settings, loves stories, including telling them, finding words that rhyme, and is found playing pretend more often than not.  She's frequently correcting me when I call her name with 'No, I'm the Mom' (insert teacher or babysitter here)  & telling me where her friend Sadie, Aide, Mady, Macy, etc. is (see the pattern?).  She loves being a big sister & is very gentle with Dyllan.  She likes to check on Dyllan a lot, including during Dyllan's naps, which is not my favorite thing.  Taya smothers her with kisses & a gentle stroke of the head, arm, leg & says 'Oh Dyllan, Dyllan, Dyllan' in the most gushy babying voice possible (even if Dyllan's not upset).  She's a funny little ham for the camera sometimes as shown below. 
We love our lil' Taya.  She never ceases to make us laugh. 
(See that fish cake below?  Taya requested a 'fishy cake' just like last year - that required no extra thought, so I said sure!)