Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas Miracle!! - I blogged!! ; )

Here is our Johnson Family 2011 Christmas Update!  I never have been too great about getting Christmas updates out ...
So somebody tell me where to start …  I give you incredibly detailed accounts of our kids’ milestones right?  Well, Dyllan (a girl in case you need a reminder ;) ) is 17 months old now.  Today, she ran up to me and told me the colors of the rainbow!  Word for word, she just said, Mom – “I know the brilliant colors of the rainbow! – violet, emerald green, crimson, amber, indigo blue” … she’s a cute one she is …         Oh yeah, and that conversation actually went something like this  … “Abbadududubababab … gitikagitikagitikagitika … betabetabeta bababa …”  - but I just knew what she really meant (because I’m a good mom ; )  

In a nutshell Dyllan is:  walking.running.babbling. saying a few words.climbing.smiling.frowning.climbing.smiling.climbing.smiling, and climbing some more.  She has a fun personality mixed with chill, mellow moods (we still call her Chillin’ Dyllan) back to back with spastic laughs, growls, wrestling, frequent squawks for food and a general proving that her mellow moments are just that – moments.  She keeps us (especially me) BUSY & makes all of us smile constantly; We can’t imagine life without her.  

Taya is still a social bug, mixed with occasional brief shy moments.  She digs on swimming in the summer, and dancing all year long.  She is the queen of pretend and can teach a mean Sunday school/preschool/dance lesson.  She still doesn’t miss a beat, and is a little chatter, so who knows what stories she has shared with you friends & neighbors ….  Sigh….  Ha.  She & Dyllan are both affectionate girls & take good care of each other – which means Paul & I get frequent hugs – we’re soaking them up one by one.   Paul & the girls have almost daily ‘pummel’ sessions; where Taya will even say ‘Dad, pummel me!’ –or pretend to pummel her own babydolls – and Dyllan will just run up & maul Paul  – Dyllan is into the rough housing just as much as Paul & Taya.  I love just watching them, and occasionally joining in on a (gentle) tackle because they just don’t get any happier than in those moments.  My version of this with the girls are our regular dance parties J - regularly dancing our little hearts out to music.  Now don’t you get any blackmail ideas …

I still have some fun with cooking, occasional hostessing, designing, and Church involvement as a Primary counselor, but my main time commitment besides my most important momhood/sisterhood/wifehood/daughterhood callings has been photography.  But a lot of you already know that as I have regularly blasted Facebook and my website with my latest photo shoots (; that’s what this update is really about right? … self-promotion ; ) ).  Photography has been an interest of mine for a long time, and having the chance to do it as a part-time gig has been really fulfilling.

Paul is still designing up a storm at SmithGroup in Phoenix.  He rides his self-restored fixie bike to the near-by express bus every day, is helpful around the house, helps our Bishopric out as Ward Clerk, loves to hobby around (including wood working; just this week he made a rocking horse [but elephant] for one of our Christmas presents to the girls), throw hoops, and occasionally mountain bike the desert hills we live in.  Oh yeah, and if you know him well, he is still good at those unpredictable (yet predictable) mid-day 5 minute naps - one of his signature marks.  And while I’m poking fun of Paul, yes, you can see that I still have my signature mark of being a bit long winded sometimes!

This year has notably been one of small miracles for us; from a Priesthood blessing that practically dissolved an Arthritis flare-up of Taya’s literally overnight (her flare-ups usually last months), to a seamless home short sale in time for us to move into my parents’ house just 25 minutes away while they serve an 18 month mission in France, to repeated financial blessings happening immediately upon Tithe payments, to prayers being answered when in search of seemingly small but important items, and other experiences where we undoubtedly felt the comfort, guidance & peace of the Holy Ghost, our Heavenly Father, and our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We are so grateful for the Lord, Jesus Christ.  It is hard to go a day without seeing the beauty of His creations, sacrifice, teachings, and love for us personally and individually.  Our hearts swell at this time of year, feeling the added peace brought to the Earth in celebration of His birth & life.  We pray that your year has been one of gratifying perspective, love felt & extended, and Testimonies grown & shared.  

With love,
Paul, Breanne, Taya (4) & Dyllan (17 months)  … and … ???          …(just kidding, no third child right now.  Seriously !  – NO third child right now – just a joke)  

Thanks to Molly Wagner for helping us get a few photos of our entire family, and not just the usual, Paul & the girls  :)