Thursday, March 24, 2011

Balloon Baby Cakes

Dyllan is 8 months old now. Time flies when you're whimsically doddling balloons (that would be a pretty sweet past time to have wouldn't it? pretty sweet, or eventually, a bit boring .... "What do you like to do in your free time?" ... "Well, army crawl, bobb my head lots, and oh yeah - whimsically doddle balloons ... Lots of that").

She is still pretty chill, but shows us plenty of personality too, with a variety of growls, squeaks, squeals, and other baby sounds. Any time we say babababa (with a certain rhythm) she shakes her head back & forth while smiling, egging us on for more smiles & bababababas. Dyllan's skill resume now includes:

army crawling ... 1st of March-present

sitting up ... late February/Mama's birthday to present

eating pinches of select table foods, with her newest asset: 2 bottom teeth ... 1st of March to present

drinking water (sparingly, for those in a tizzy) from a sippy cup ... mid-March to present

in training: currently perfecting the skill of sitting herself up

Fancy this: her weakest point is also her strongest point: She's not much for baby foods & bottles/formula, and she has turned that into an accelerated eating pace. She's on track to be sipping tea (herbal) from porcelain with her pinky finger daintily pointing in the air by 12 months. Like a Men's Wearhouse suit, I guarantee it.

Balloon complements of Chick-fil-a. It was so perfect with her outfit, I had to slap (gently) a headband on her, throw my white backdrop up & snap a few photos.
We're quite in love with this lil' Darlin Dyllan.