Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Promise ...

I promise ... to do a new and better post within the next couple of days so that you can get that stinkin DTPS out of your head! (That was not the kind of post I meant to leave lurking and waiting to say boo every time you check my blog for over a week).

By the way, in my post on September 16th, I recruited some of you to write letters to our senators about passing the Protect Our Children act in order to try and catch more sexual predators out there and reduce the number of such crimes. Well it passed! I feel a little rest assured knowing I can do my part to protect my children from sexual predators, but now also knowing that the government is doing their part as well in ways that I can't.

Anyway, soon I'll tell you about my week in Las Vegas last week helping my sister-in-law out with her brand spankin new newborn (well no spankin actually, that would be just plain wrong, in fact - how could I even mention it?)

So I'll see you soon!

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