Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's my point?

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Why do I blog? What's my point? I've thought about that recently. Although I have random thoughts throughout the day or week that I tell myself I am going to turn into short blog posts, I seem to forget them when the pencil comes to the paper. I started out blogging so that extended family and a few friends could keep up with Taya and anything interesting in our lives, and also so that I could keep a kind of journal. Now I have a lot of friends who read this and very few family members that do (that I know of - they don't seem converted to the blogging world - yet). So I've been wondering what my blog says about me? Does it say I complain? (Hopefully not). Does it say I enjoy life? My family? Does it say I'm funny? (I wish, but no). Does it spell out my deep thoughts? (Not as often as I have them, but probably more often than you'd like).

I read a newspaper article yesterday about my boss's niece who has developed a widespread avid blog following and has recently been in a plane crash, resulting in tragic severe burns for her and her husband. They have four children who are being taken care of by family while they try to recover for months (which according to the article is even questionable). Part of the reason that this story has been featured in newspapers, online, and on the Today Show is the way that her blog touched thousands of lives, and the way those blog followers have joined together to raise $100,000+ for medical expenses for this couple. What I liked when I looked at her blog (http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/) was the fact that you got a sense for who she is and what her family is like and the positive life that she has been leading. And that is when I wondered - what's my point? What does my blog say about me? I realize it is just a blog, but it's also kind of amazing the impact that some blogs are starting to have. I am not saying my blog has a large impact (because really, it doesn't) and I am not trying to copy the Nie Nie Dialogues. I just want to reflect positive things and leave a journal for my family, friends, and kids to eventually draw from and know who I am, and hopefully leave a positive taste in their mouths.

One more story: on this topic, I also thought of an experience I had in college, where when my two fellow college roommates from my hometown and I heard the news about Katie Tenny, another girl our age from our homeward, dying in a car wreck on the way back to BYU from Thanksgiving Break, we were very saddened and wondered what we could do. We offered to go collect and pack all of her belongings from her apartment. We knew it needed to be done soon and thought that we might be appropriate people to do it; close to the situation, but not as close as family and roommates who this might be extremely hard for. But what I still remember about this experience is that as we packed her belongings, we saw many, many uplifting books, inspirational pictures, studious notes and college work, and an overall inspirational living experience. Feeling touched by Katy's life, I felt very strongly that day - what would people deduct about me from packing up my living space?

So I felt the same sentiment again yesterday reading about this mom's blog who has touched so many.

Now I want to include things in my blog like: stories of my wonderful grandparents, the things I love about my marriage and about Paul (have I conveyed how much I love this wonderful man?), of course tales of Taya, the little idiosyncrasies of myself that we can all laugh at, experiments in the kitchen!, what I find amusing about myself or in people in general in everyday life, my love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and many other things that I feel make up my life, in a positive way. Maybe this is the thesis that I should have started nearly a year ago when I started my blog.

We'll see how I do and what my blog says about me, my life and my family.
Happy Blogging!
Okay, so I think it can say I'm a tiny teency bit funny. Sometimes. Maybe. Just a little bit? Yeah, a little bit funny.


Larry and Karri said...

Don't you just love those introspective moments when you start to learn things about yourself? I "held off" blogging for a long time because I didn't feel like I had anything to blog about, except my interest/strong opinions in politics. (which no one else really seems to blog about - it seemed like it was mostly stuff about cute kids, of which I had none of until recently) Plus I know I come off as quirky and flaky at times so I wasn't sure if people would understand my weird sense of humor either. But after reading others' blogs after a while I realized it's kind of like an open journal, and most anything goes. Since I'm a horrible journal-keeper (I'm good for 2-3 entries per year), I thought I would give the blogging thing a try. I find I enjoy the interaction with others the most - reading the different opinions and experiences of others - but I think it has helped me head in the right direction with keeping a journal. And despite my odd jokes people still talk to me. :) (nice to know there's still a lot of genuine people out there) Do you know if anything exists for publishing blog entries into a book? That would be awesome. :)

Janalee said...

I've been following nienies blog for a while now (a while meaning a year or so), I didn't know she was related to your boss, wow. She's famous.

Your posts say that you love the outdoor living and have a thoughtful detailed way of getting your thoughts across. And more stuff that I can't put into words like you can.

Janalee said...

And yes Karri, Blurb.com exists to slurp up blogs and publish them into book form. Quite neat.

Kim said...

So wonderfully stated...I too have been following NieNie's blog. She is an inspiration to so many. I too have been thinking of how to more effectively blog. It is such a wonderful missionary tool and with out of state family reading it I might be able to "plant that seed".

Happy Blogging!

Sara said...

I think you have a thesis even though you haven't been consciously trying. And I think you do cover everything you wish you did.

At least you haven't posted any pictures of yourself in too-tight, flood, maternity pants. What does THAT say, I wonder?

Oh, and yes, those are also our future modes of transportation :)

Erin T. said...

I think you have done a little bit of everything. I was especially affected by the blog you wrote about friendship. It caused me to really reflect. I appreciated all those thoughts.

In some ways, I think blogging is an extension of being able to write how you feel, what's going on in your life, and affecting other people's lives with your experiences. It's just one more avenue besides Enrichment Night and Visiting Teaching. :)

Denise said...

I have been thinking the same thing since I saw the Today Show segment that talked about that blog. I hadn't heard of her before but they talked a lot about her blogging about how much she loves being a mother and I thought oh no, I have such a tendancy to use my blog as a sounding board or place to vent. People may even wonder if I like being a mom. So I've been trying to focus on what I love about being a mom and hopefully I can start including that in my blogging. Thanks for the reminder.

Davis family said...

Beautifully put! I think you are an amazing writer, so much better than me. But I know we can have an impact on those around us, or not so close, and I think you are doing just that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Jessica said...

Thank you for your post. I too think you are a wonderful writer and I think you are amazing and that you enjoy your life! I love to see what you share on your blog. Don't be afraid to share your complaints too, it makes me feel better for not thinking I am the only one what has bad days and frustrations with everyday living. I love that you are taking a moment for intropsection, something I need to do more of;)