Sunday, October 26, 2008

The storm has arrived ...

The toddler terror storm is here.

(Dare I say 'terror'? - well I just did and I'm not taking it back)

(And don't tell me that it's not or that it doesn't start until age 2 or 3 - it may get more intense, but right now, in our house, it is here! Curious, active, trouble making, tantrums - the whole package)

See for yourself:

I know! Mama's favorite lipstick from her birthday will look fabulous all over my body, in my ear and in my hair!

Mama took it away!!

This is perfectly safe - afterall, look at all the stuff I can get to now.

This is called the warm candle wax hair treatment, the babies in France tell me it's all the rage.
See how well it works!

My mama is losing her sanity, so I make sure to be cute by dancing every chance I get and by giving her hugs throughout the day. See here - I'm a Dancin Foo'.

In addition to getting into my lipstick, rubbing her hair down with warm candle wax, and figuring out that she loves to climb up on our table repeatedly, Taya also managed to shock herself 3x this week - pulling plugs out and touching the prongs - within a foot of her Dada and finding an unprotected outlet in the bleachers at her cousin's football game - also within a few feet of her Dada. Have I mentioned that Taya swallowed a dime once? (I only found out because I found it in her you-know-what ... around 6 or 7 months of age). Yes, these are all my confessions - and the thing is, if I thought I didn't watch her very closely, I probably woudn't want to share all of this with you, but we keep a good eye on her! I don't believe in following her literally step for step, but keeping a good eye on her instead and intervening when necessary - apparently, it's not quite enough - or we're not fast enough.

The little stinker!


Clayton and Niki said...

That video of her dancing was the cutest thing! She was really going to town!! haha

Sara said...

She is SO dang cute. It would be hard to tell that face "no." Whenever I see Ben do something completely naughty in public (like eating food off the ground and sticking his finger in electrical sockets - seems pretty popular) I just tell people that I'm more concerned about the stuff I don't see him do than the stuff I do see him do.

Erin said...

I feel your pain! I'm in the same boat with Rebecca. Unfortunately, she figured out how to get into my makeup drawer today. Not good. :)

TheBlackForrist said...

Your photographs are great number 1, and the terror of a toddler I must say is a little humorous on the outside end of things number 2... She seems like a girl with such a strong "do-it-myself" personality already, what a handful!

Lauren said...

Haha, it sounds like Aubrey and her would have a lot of fun together because they sound exactly the same. It shocked me the first time Aubrey opened something with a twist-off top. How are they able to do that so soon? I absolutely love the dancing video. She's got some great moves and she is just the cutest thing in the world. I can't wait to meet her.

Janalee said...

love those pics, specially the hair wax ones. I think she's outdone Julian. Let's never get them together. Imagine the destruction, plus they'd both be dancing on the tabletops with lampshades on their heads.

Breanne said...

Jana, if they'd be dancing on the tabletops with lampshades on their heads, maybe we should get them together - that sounds pretty entertaining!

Taya & I were at my brother's office on Friday and she was getting into and opening (yeah how can they open the twist-offs already?) EVERYTHING. My brother kept commenting on this and saying - 'She's like 15 Presleys! (Presley is his 2yr. old).

I guess all I can do is try not to take things too seriously huh? (while still protecting her so she doesn't shock herself 10x a week)

I'm in love with her inclination to dance ALL the time now, any beat, or just the word dance just gets her goin these days. I am allowing myself to imagine her as an amazing dancer in her future, haha!
.... Love my girl!

Bianca said...

Awe, she can't be THAT bad.... She's my little Taya! I'll take her!! Her and James can eat our electrical wires and shock each other.
You know, I bet people will pay big bucks for hair wax treatments. Maybe you should start an indoor salon at home :p