Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So Me Thinks I Can Dance!!!!!

So Melanie (my close friend who I had several classes with at BYU, then was in the same ward with, then became roomates with, & then ended up living in the same city with! And Paul and I even lived with her and her husband, Jarom for almost a month when we moved here - talk about NICE FRIENDS! AND she threw my baby shower! Can you tell I love Melanie?!) Anyway, so Melanie & I tried to get tickets to the So You Think You Can Dance Tour when it came out, but it sold out SO fast! So I told Melanie I was determined to get tickets off Craigslist, and with way too much time spent searching for tickets on Craigslist, I finally found some affordable ones. So off we went to the show, (let's pretend this happened last night and not a couple of weeks ago - and that I am on top of my posting :) ). Well guess what! - We walk up to the section our seats are in (mediocre to not great seats) and the ticket holder looks at our tickets and says, ... Do you wanna go sit down there in Section CCC? .. 8th row from the stage? ... believe or not, we actually hesitated because we didn't want to be looking UP the entire time. But we got smart and swapped the tickets -
8TH ROW!!!!! LUCKY huh? So it was a great night. Every year now I starting looking forward to the summer time, despite our heat here, just because I know I'll get my fill of amazing choreography and amazing dance each week with this show. Paul can attest that I am tuned in to only this show while it is on; I am almost like him during the Suns Playoff Games, almost I said. After the show, my dancer girlfriends and I often call each other and analyze/critique the dances, feeling like we are the best judges of dance in existance (I actually missed several episodes this year though due to work, etc. - so I am not quite as free in my time as I sound).
Thanks for going Melanie! See our pictures below (a lot of them are from Melanie's camera b/c my battery died soon into the show - grrr... thx Mel). If you are bored by this and scan past all the pictures, you should at least watch the video I took of Katee & Joshua down below - one of my top favorite dances! - and you can tell how close we were. (By the way, you can watch a lot of these dances on YouTube. Look up some of the titles I list below here and you'll find them; you should also look up Travis & Heidi, Park Bench dance.)
Kerrington (sp?) & Twitch in hip hop - she got kicked off TOO EARLY!
Courtney & Will, this one will make you cry, about a wife who has lost her husband, and look - they even took pretend wedding pictures for the background!
Twitch & Katee, such a cool dance choreographed by THE BEST, Mia Michaels: Beggin For Mercy
Mark & Chelsea in one of the best dances: 'Bleeding Love'
We had SO much fun!
It was a full house! Why we were given the chance to move up to the 8th row beats me! I guess we're just cool like dat. ;)
Opening Number, hip hop! That's Will & Joshua, Will is one who I thought would win the whole thing, but shocked everyone leaving early & Joshua did win the whole thing; watching this show did make me glad that Joshua won though - he was SO GREAT!
Two of my favorites: Katee & Joshua after their running dance, also choreographed by Mia Michaels, watch the video clip below on this post.
See how close we were?

Chelsea is truly talented; she's from Utah, and I believe is Mormon - random who's who Mormon fact for you.


Alexandra and Benjamin said...

I'm so jealous!!!! I'm coveting your experience as I type. :) What a fantastic girls night out. Ben and I wanted to get tickets, but I wasn't on the ball enough to get them two seconds after they went on sale. I looked on craigslist too, but they were still too killer high... At least I got to watch your video.

P.S. I am doing well! It's starting to be my busy season because my students have a big performance the first week of December. I am going to become a tutu making factory (i hope) pretty soon- unless I can find super cheap ones...

Bianca said...

The last season was really good. All the dancers were so great! Glad you had a blast!

Lauren said...

I'm jealous, too. I wanted to go and looked up tickets. They weren't sold out when I looked but I couldn't justify spending that much money when we're trying to save. Maybe next year.

The Freestones said...

AH! Lucky! i love that show, and really enjoyed this season. Did Courtney and Mark do 'In The Garden'? I loved that dance...even though she was wearing lingerie...

Breanne said...

Yah Claire, they did 'In the Garden' (you can see the picture of it at my friend Melanie's blog: http://melnjarom.blogspot.com/

- it was a long show, they did just about every favorite dance of mine and then some (although I wanted them to do a couple of the girl group numbers - like that one by Mia Michaels where are the girls were wearing cream tutu funkdified outfits? - but they didn't)
Last year the show was on a Sunday I guess so when we found out it wasn't on a Sunday this year, we really wanted to go.
It was great :)

Shannon said...

HOw fun! You look so cute in that picture.

Meg said...

So FUN! I watched a lot of last season and remember a lot of those dances, AMAZING. Don't know anything about dance, but do like to watch. Glad that you were able to go and have that experience.

Sara said...

What a great girl's night!

My videos do take forever to load to Blogger, that's why it's nice to be able to edit and trim them so it doesn't take as long. I use a MacBook, so I have iMovie - I don't know what the PC equivalent is.

If your videos are taking too long to upload and you are really bored, you can come over and give me a make-over... I'm such a good friend, I know.

Jessica said...

I am really jealous. I bet it was amazing. I guess I better jump on utube so I can catch a glimpse of the dancers. I am certainly going to get on that next year! Grrr. But I am very glad for you. That is awesome. And it's great that you got to go with a fellow dance friend who shares your passion;)