Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Misc. Taya Moments

There is a teasing tongue twister that tells of Taya's Teething. Taya's teething. Just teasing. No really, Taya's teething. Not teasing.
(Her bottom two are coming in - she is a late bloomer! But they're poppin up!)
Now for some unrelated pictures ... (since getting a picture of her first two teeth coming in would do them no justice anyway)
Growing up too fast!
You didn't know Taya has a boy twin named Taylor? Here he is! (Love the 'my jeans are too tight and my shirt is too short' belly hangover) ... by the way Dixon friends, if you look closely at Taya's shirt - Lambtown USA! Go Dixon!
I already told you DaDa - FASTER!!
She better not do this when she leaves the house for high school - I've heard of those tricks!


Davis family said...

these are super cute pictures. She is getting so tall. and she is still cute too.

Lauren said...

Cuteness. I couldn't figure out what you were talking about with the high school tricks (maybe flashing her underwear) until I clicked on the picture. How did she do that? haha.

Denise said...

I think she's just trying to be fashion foward Breanne, Gosh you're so old fashioned (kids probably don't say old fashioned anymore though do they?) She gets cuter everytime I see her, oh wait we haven't seen you guys in forever!!! Hopefully soon.

Breanne said...

Yeah, we had been driving just a little while and when we stopped and I went to get her out of the car, she had completely gotten out of one sleeve.

You know how some girls leave the house for high school in the morning all modest and then take their jacket off or whatever once they're out of parental sight?

.... Crazy girl

Janalee said...

haha, yeah that was my cousin, she'd roll up her knee length shorts after she left the house.

I forgot to ask where you ended up in Tucson? Is that the desert museum you were at? What else did you do?

The Wests said...

Can't believe you LEFT church... I mean what kind of example are YOU setting?
Well...... what's your answer? *with stern look on face*