Thursday, June 26, 2008

She's a Jolly Spewer Folks!

Here she is that night after the attempted bedtime.

Well, Taya spewed for the first time the other night, you know like real vomit, not just a cross between spit-up and vomit. So anyway, just to get that nice image in your mind, she was a little whiny before hand, then all of a sudden I hear a plop on the ground (I was holding her, but fortunately she dodged me), and look down and realize she had just spewed! (I think spew is one of the funnier versions of throwing up/barfing/vomiting/upchucking type of words - if you can't handle the bodily function talk, well - sorry) Anyway, so where was I? Oh yeah, she spewed! She was a little whiny before that, but not too bad, and then she was really happy afterward, even the next morning, even though she had 2 poopsies after that too that night (like I said, sorry). She was THIS happy, this is why I'm calling her a Jolly Spewer:

Fast forward a happy playful hour to bedtime: I'm rocking her in the dark, have just finished nursing her, at which point she would usually be asleep, and instead she starts babbling, so then I know I'm in trouble with getting her to sleep. But I couldn't get frustrated, she was being a little comedian! She kept moving further and closer to my face, back and forth, and just laughing like crazy. She was teasing me like crazy! Then she started doing a recent little trick of hers: sharing her pacifier - she'll take it out of her mouth and try to force it into yours! She will try until she makes sure that she has the right side of the pacifier going into your mouth! She thought it was hilarious! As did I. So then I just let her come out and play before an even later bedtime that was already late. She's a party animal and apparently a jolly spewer!

This girl is 11 months tomorrow!!! Craziness ...


The Wests said...

Yes she is a night owl, that's for sure. Party animal. Her and James would never make it, he is like his mama ready for bed at 8:30pm!

Meg said...

this was funny. I remember when Jonas threw up for the first time-so disgusting! I can't stand to smell my own throw up, so picking up after the kids is extra nasty! Well, just another milestone-the first real throw up :) Love Taya's cute little face!