Friday, June 20, 2008

Dada. Dada. Dada.

One Happy Dada's Day here! I don't know what got into me for Father's Day - I went all out! I had fun doing it. But first, here's a video of Taya saying Dada, repeating it back to us and everything - she started saying it a week ago, just in time for Father's Day - that was probably Paul's best gift by far.

But I tried to compete with some of my own ... :) I started by making Paul's favorite breakfast, his mom's recipe of Eggs Benedict and brought it to him in bed. He was surprised and I believe loved it :) Then after church, I had him open his big gift which he was not expecting at all - and thank you to Craigslist!!! - an untouched, brand new iPod Nano! For the price of others on Craigslist that were used, years old, and had less memory space. It was a great find! And again, he LOVED it. Still loves it of course. Hey, it's his first Father's Day! I can spoil him a little right?

Then for dinner ... I got to celebrate Father's Day with my husband and Father! We invited my parents over for dinner and I made Baby Back Ribs for the first time ever - one of Paul's favorites. I had seen this recipe done on tv, followed it, and the meat was basically dripping off the bone (thanks to a great and pretty simple recipe, not me). I also followed this recipe from the same episode for Grilled White onions wrapped in bacon and cored in the center with butter filling the center - thrown on the grill for an hour and a half. Wow. That was a TASTY, AWESOME, EASY recipe. And no drowning it in oil like onion rings! Last but not least, my mom brought a Banana Cream Pie (Paul's favorite and my Dad certainly didn't object - I had a hard time resisting just shoving that pie in his face - it's a perfect face pie!) so here is a picture of Paul holding his Banana Cream Pie and Taya with her 'Daddy's Lil' Dear' onesie on ... there is no other reason I would have her wear long sleeves in 107 Degree weather!

Anyhow, it was fun to spoil and thank Paul for the great job he has been doing as a Father, and to thank my Dad for his great example and unconditional love as my father.

Happy Dada's Day again! (I know I should have posted this days ago ...)


Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! Loved the video of Taya. That's so fun. Dang, Paul had a good Father's Day!! You are an awesome wife. I am not even gunna mention to Mark what other wifes do for there husbands for Father's Day...he may think I don't really love him! ;)

Melanie and Jarom said...

You did go all out! I do the kind of gifts like- ok you want to buy season tickets to ASU? They're expensive so they can be your birthday and Fathers Day gift. haha... That video is so so so cute, I just want to squeeze Taya so hard (as I know I've mentioned before!)

Sara said...

Good for you for going all out on Father's Day! Any left-overs???

The Wests said...
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Breanne said...

I've always been curious as to how 'comment deleted' works - can anyone tell me? There have been times where I have wanted to delete my comment and then times where I wonder whatever whoever that person wanted to say (although I'm sure it's not usually anything particularly crazy, but still ...)
So how does it work?