Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Giveaway Flo'eth!!

Hooray for Giveaway!!! Thank you, Thank you Jana! A couple of weeks ago we finally used our giveaway prize from Jana & Art to go to Flo's Restaurant (yes I'm behind on this - hey, I've been piled with work, sick, then at a Family Reunion in San Diego, which I'll post on soon, then SICK again).

When we visited the Avey's a little while back in the postpartum room after they had little Luc, Denise said 'So when are you taking us to Flo's?' since she had come SO close in Jana's giveaway (here is the original Giveaway Post: http://janaleesworld.blogspot.com/2008/02/as-promised.html). I was afraid if I said we wanted to use the Flo's gift certificate ONLY for ourselves, I might get my head bit off by a 'I just had my baby, now give me my money! .. I mean, my Flo's gift certificate! Denise' ..... Okay, okay Denise, you were nice enough to bring your camera, take these pics and send them to me (2x) and now you say, why is she painting this picture of me? Uhhh, I just can't think of other ways to be entertaining! So, don't worry, we just knew we couldn't not take you when you came so close in the giveaway running and we hadn't doubled in too long! We miss you! Why did you move again? Cause that really stinks.

Anyhow, back to the night of Flo's: well, once we figured out that Flo's apparently has two locations both located off of the same main road and that the Avey's were at one locale and we at the other, and after the Avey's followed the directions given from the restaurant workers which led them to a dead end and around again, we met up, and had a blast of a time! We teared up laughing at each of our VERY embarrassing stories (but readers, you don't get to hear that part) - except Denise - We didn't hear one of yours did we? Ahhh, next time. We'll get it out of you. We were also graced by the presence of a lady with her 5 year old daughter who wanted to come see Taya & Luc. We were 'graced' with their presence even past the time that we received our food and wanted to start eating, but felt awkward, yet we dove into our food anyway, and just let this lady and her daughter have at our babies (as long as we get them back at the end of the night right? -- ;) ) ....... We had delectable (you have to use words like this when describing restaurant dishes) Lettuce Wraps & Soup to start with, then followed it with multi-textured, light and airy dishes (more food critic-type words) (despite Chinese food's tendency to feel heavy) like Cashew Chicken, Honey Chicken, and Sweet & Sour Chicken (love our chicken!) (am I remembering our order right Denise?). It was VERY good, er .. I mean delectable, multi-textured and light and airy. I would definitely recommend Flo's, and the prices were actually a lot better than I anticipated. The location we went to was great too (the Avey's have been to other locales and said they really liked this one). It is in a development that was designed by the Architecture Firm that Paul works for and so we walked around for a little while afterward and Seth & Denise humored us while Paul pointed out some of the architectural details that he loves about this development of shops, restaurants, offices, etc. (it was designed way before he joined the firm so he can do this more rightfully). Then Denise had a realization moment when she said, 'You're PASSIONATE about what you do Paul!' And Paul laughed -- 'uhhh, yes, yes I am'. And I said, YES, YES HE IS. Very few people know what they want to do in High School and are actually doing it 12-15 years later. He loves it, and I am so glad for him. But anyway, I just thought that was a funny moment, but this is getting a little side-tracked.
We had such a good time! Thank you again Jana & Art! Your giveaway was much appreciated (you were probably wondering since it had been a while). Hooray for Giveaway - it Flo'eth!!! K, I'm ending my major cheeseballishness now. See you soon when I recap my Family Reunion that we went to over Easter!

Oh yes, and by the way Seth? That girl? -- She's not real. Just so you know. .... Weren't you a little afraid to kiss a girl whose head was almost 2x as large as yours anyway? I hope you're not too crushed.


Denise said...

MMMMM... I want to go back again, soon. I love Flo's. And I loved that new location (new to us.) THANKS JANA!!

As for my most embarrassing moment, I thought of sharing it that night but it makes me sick to think about it and I was enjoying the food so much I didn't want to ruin it.

Oh and by the way, I have no problem admitting that I invited us to dinner with you... that's how you know who your real friends are... I only invite myself to share in the good fortune of my true friends.

Breanne said...

That's true. And yes, I could go back again soon. AND - I NEED to hear your story ... it sounds juicy (maybe literally?)
You can also tell who your real friends are when you have long periods of silence with each other and it's still comfortable, not awkward. So next time we're together, let's just sit in silence k? Then we'll be doubly true friends.

;) - yah, I write/say weird things.

The Higham Family said...

Fun! Sounds like you guys had an awesome time- I think we should try Flo's sometime. We love us some good chinese food!

Janalee said...

I like how in the first picture, Taya is staring intently at the glass and you're holding it just out of reach. It's the exact phase Julian and I are in right now.

Glad you finally got to use it. This should make Marie simmer down.

Marie said...

Simmer Down? Are you kidding!? She took the Avey's and not me. Wasn't I also a close contestant? I'm so offended. Just kidding. I'm glad you liked it!

Breanne said...

i pooped.

Breanne said...

Paul ate it.

Breanne said...

So there Paul! (Paul doo-doo'd the first one & I had to have a response)
For those who don't like potty humor, well, stop bein' so nosy and readin all up in my comments! ;)

... I told Paul a long time ago in my 'Man Crush' post that he could get back at me; when I asked him if this little comment posed as me was it, he casually said no. What am I in for? ... Actually, I keep laughing when I think about the ... i pooped ... line. So simple, so funny.