Monday, April 7, 2008

Harris Family Reunion 2008

26 of us!!

Over Easter Weekend, my family, the Harris side, got together for our bi-annual family reunion! We all split staying in a beach house in Encinitas, CA - a little surfer town that is one of my new favorite spots, about 20 min. north of San Diego -- and I asked Paul, ... why would anyone NOT live here if they could?
We cooked amazing food and ate like there was no tomorrow. We had 'jam sessions' almost every night -- we all brought our favorite music and danced like there was no tomorrow, lip sanc, made fun of our old talent shows and let the youngins start a tradition of their own talent shows/dance-offs. (Do other families do this? I noticed that each In-Law of the family sat on the couch while the rest of us danced and goofed off like there was no ... yah, you guessed it).
We spent LOTS of time on the beach - easy, beautiful, enjoyable, free entertainment - enjoyed by adults & kids -- perfect!! We had an easter egg hunt of course and had some good discussions about the meaning of Easter. I don't know if Easter has ever meant more to me than it has this year. I am really grateful for the Atonement of my brother, Jesus Christ and for the resurrection: what a great way to spend Easter, with family - that I can't wait to spend forever with!
See my pictures below (can you tell I'm a little indecisive? I eliminated some and still have so many pics!)
Believe it or not, although Paul and I look like we're posing, we're just laughing at Taya -- She performed big time for out little family pictures.

12 of the 14 grandkids of the Harris family.

I noticed a trend in my pictures; sisters and best girly friend cousins! I love these friendships!! ... See the different sets ...

Jillian & Avery ... wild, lovable girls, always ready to entertain ... these two sets of cousins cry whenever they leave each other from family trips/gatherings.

Meet these beautiful girls who are about to turn into young women -- too soon! : Hannah & Sophie -- It was decided years ago that Sophie is a little clone copy of me, do you think so? (Even in personality she is similar, the differences? She's gorgeous & doesn't have snaggle teeth like I did at that age, & she is much more confident and kind that I was at that age too).If only naps could be on the beach all the time ...
Taya loved the beach!
Yes, I had to include this one.
Paul got to rekindle his surfing love! It had been years.
My brother, sister-in-law & their cute little Presley.

We had a GREAT family reunion!!!! Now if I could just move to Encinitas, CA.


Nate, Morgan, Asher and Sayer said...

i love the picture of taya in her swimsuit. she is so cute and is getting so big. she seems very happy and smiley. in the first picture, my eyes went right to you... i think it's the model knee pop you got goin' on there! HAHA! you are so cute.

Breanne said...

Haha, I noticed that too Morgan and was embarrassed by it. I think my front foot is up on a higher rock (26 of us fit pretty tightly in that little area of rocks), ... haha, but you can just say that I was pretending to model, living out some childhood dream or something. hehe

Meg said...

oh, that looks like so much fun. You took some really great pics. Looking at them I wonder why we moved to the desert!! I sooo miss the ocean and Southern Cali is so perfect to live. Mark and I did a weekend trip before kids and when we were still living in Cali to Ventura, CA - it's been my favorite ocean spot since. Isn't that where you or Paul have family ties? I am seriously feeling blue thinking about all this, i need to stop!!

Sara said...

Taya has such a captivating smile, I'd have a hard time choosing pictures too! Maybe Joel will get stationed in San Diego someday, then we can become beach-lovers too!

Kim said...

What a PERFECT trip...the beach and family!