Sunday, April 27, 2008

You kiddin me?

Taya is 9 months. Yup! 9 months, no kidding. As everyone says, it has flown by so fast! I can't believe she is a few months away from being 1 year old. I watch my friend's 1 year olds around me and they seem like toddlers! Wow.

Taya has been crawling for a little while now and pulls up to standing. She also LOVES to wave at people (whether they're waving at her or not) and to give kisses. She is very social - she loves to interact with friends and strangers and doesn't like to miss out on anything.

Here are a couple of recent pictures and videos (I want to add another video off of my parents' camera of her waving to herself and giving kisses to herself in the mirror - soon!).

Happy 9 months Taya!


Anonymous said...

Love the teddy bear pout ...

Janalee said...

The video of her is exactly how Julian is right now. The sounds, grabbing, crawling, everything.

So here's the question of the hour. You've now had her the same amount of time as you carried her in your belly. Which 9 mos felt the longest?

Janalee said...
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Janalee said...

PS Hey we were commenting on each other's blogs at the same time! Dude!

pps. I can always count on you for double comments. The Main One and the Quick Afterthought. That's your signature.

paula said...

So adorable, I love the video. Wow, she has grown so fast. Enjoy.
Hey, what is the music and who sings it? Thanks:)