Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things I love about Taya

*How she goes 'Aaeeaaeeaaee' - almost like a little Baby Tarzan (but lower pitched) & moves her body front and back, front and back while she does it. She also likes to say 'mamamamama' and currently - 'Dekadekadekadeka' among others. ... Love it.

*How she flirts big time with people in the stores ... and with friends too, but man does she love stranger attention ... (we may have to keep an eye on this one)

*How she loves to eat. She can never get enough. She wants whatever we're having, whatever she's having, and then some ... (this is also a little frustrating when she's yelling to get some of our food during our meals)

*The way her hand flips quickly forward to back with the weight of my cell phone that she loves to hold.

*How she never stops kicking her little legs. Never. No, not ever.

*How she gets a huge ol' smile when her Dada comes home from work ... (and then she wants me 10 minutes later because she's a Mama's girl like that right now - that part I don't love quite as much when I need a break)

*How she Army Crawls and rolls to get whatever she wants ... and to see her on all fours rocking back and forth is so cute! ... (if only she could avoid that next step of crawling that is going to change my life!)

*How she has about 20 rolls of baby fatty skin on each leg.

*Her floppy ears.

*How everything on her is round. Round face. Round eyes. Round nose. Round.

*How she gets so excited to play with her mobile during her diaper changes on the changing table (our changing table sits on top of the crib) -- Thanks again for the mobile Matt & Kathryn!

*How she loves me and does everything with me! What did I do with myself before?

...Now if I could just find my camera to add UPDATED pictures (she is 7 1/2, almost 8 months old now & I can't believe it! The pictures above are from 6 months. She's had a haircut since then and her hair is lighter).


Sara said...

what a great post Breanne! You write so well. I feel like I fumble half the time and everything comes out wrong. oh well. Thanks for not being offended by me :)

Ben is 11 months today - I tried to take pictures of him to do a similar kind of post but he's whining in all the pictures...so down for a nap he goes, maybe when he wakes up.

Kathryn said...

This was fun to read, because it reminded me of Riley at that age. Especially the army crawl and the kicking and the 20 rolls of baby fat. It's ridiculous how fast they grow up! Cute pics, btw. Can't wait to see the current version of Taya!

Davis family said...

I love your post. I love the pictures. I also look forward to updated pics. please tell Paul we say hi back!

Shannon said...

We love Taya so much! She's sweet. I love the toothless grin.

Denise said...

Hey Chica, I sent you pics from flos like a week and a half ago... where's the post? Oh and by the way Taya is pretty much the cutest little girl ever!!!

paula said...

She is so adorable. Love the ears too. And that big grin. Ahhh sweet baby bliss:)

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the great eczema tips! My doc sorta rushed me out of her office, so all I got from her was the Aquaphor info. We've become Aquaphor-aholics! Anyhow, I'll go find some gentle soap, too, because R needs more than one bath a week!