Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Too Busy to Avoid This...

I haven't posted in a while because we have become especially, 100% super busy recently
(I have taken on a part time interior design internship + we have several other projects going) ... So busy that we can't even keep an eye on our child - even when she is sitting right under our nose!  (As in, Taya was sitting on Paul's lap when she did this!)

Perhaps the blue stacharoo is in style these days?


Janalee said...

sweet little blue eyes.

Sara said...

I love moments like these - you don't know if you should yell at your kid, yell at your spouse or yell at yourself. But it's good for a laugh, eh?

Ann said...


I didn't know about Taya's arthritis. I've never heard of a toddler with that condition before! How did you find out and what does that mean for her (and you)? I am so sorry! It just breaks your heart, doesn't it? We never know why but we just keep going forward right? I will send prayers your way.