Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Making Up for Lost Time

This makes 7 posts in one day!  Can you believe it?  The trick is to find them; kind of like our own little 'Where's Waldo' game, see these posts span back to May 4th and have a couple of posts in between that you have already seen (pretend they were a sneak preview, it'll make you feel good).  

As much as I am usually a pretty regular blogger, I also try at this point not to pressure myself or get down on my blogging self if I go too long without posting, but by this point it had just gone too far; I think I lost all 3 of my blogging fans.  I have just been a lot busier and consumed lately, but as I went to think of something (nothing came to mind) to post, I looked over my 'drafts' and realized I had several recently that I never finished or just decided not to post for one reason or another.  

So, put those slippers on, let your hair down (in slow motion if it makes you feel sexier - yes, I said sexier ladies), kick your feet back, pat your pillows, have a fully stocked fridge of favorite snacks within arm's reach, grab your food storage, have a camode installed near your computer - or just sit on the ol' toilet if you prefer, send your kids to college, and relax - you have 7 posts (including this one) to catch up on!!  

(I'm lucky if you make it through this post, let alone 7)


Breanne said...

Oh man, looks like I really did lose 2 out of the 3 fans I had - thank you Morgan. I'm glad I have one.
(her comment is on a later post)

Janalee said...

I found about 5, maybe 6 posts. you little trickster.

Shannon said...

I'm relaxed now. Thanks:)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

7 posts? What? You're like a maniac.

Although, I must admit, it is a very good idea. You shouldn't have to write for at least another month!