Thursday, June 4, 2009


B-U-S-Y.  That's what I've been - and it's not going to stop anytime soon this Summer.  I just started an interior design part-time internship last week with some great designers in Phoenix.  It seemed like a crazy thing to do, but Paul and I both felt good about it; whether it turns into a job (always looking for part-time) or just gives me enough confidence & knowledge to turn my interest into more of a skill, I am excited for the learning and exposure of something I enjoy so much.  Why do I enjoy interior design?  ...  Plenty of reasons I'm sure, but most of all, I find myself frequently in awe of my natural surroundings on Earth given to us by our Creator.  Home is such an important place; I love the thought of surrounding ourselves with beauty and expressing who we and our family are through our homes (doesn't have to be the fanciest or priciest item at all) - and of all places, I love the positive influence home can have in bringing us peace and calmness, comfort and joy.  Of course the things we do in our home and the way we treat each other dictate this more than anything I think, but there is still a surprising amount of influence from our tangible surroundings.  So I guess I just love finding positive ways to encourage love, art, beauty, creativity and laughter to flourish in our surroundings.  Now if I can just pick back up on some projects for the house (such as a lacquered sepia photo collage I've never finished)!  

- And that's what I had time to write; I wasn't going to publish it before, but now with my little game that is providing for a very less than mediocre blog, I will post and leave you hanging with unfinished thoughts!

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