Friday, January 9, 2009

Does anyone else do this?

Do you ever go to tell someone something about yourself or how you do something and realize just how funny or quirky it is? I have these moments frequently, I mean frequently (italics & repeated words may not always be trusted, it is possible that they are only used for attention getting, theatric's sake, and exageration).

This was mine this morning. I went to comment on Sara's post this morning and realized how funny this habit is:

(Insert not-so handy-dandy little picture of spray bottle here, the one that photo bucket is NOT successfuly downloading for me)

Paul & I almost NEVER iron anymore. What do we do instead? I bought that Downy Wrinkle Releaser once a long time ago, and the ironing game was OVER then and there. It was a breeze! Now we just use water bottles (doesn't work quite as well as Downy's Wrinkle Releaser) so as to save money. It started with trying the new product. And Paul would ask me in the mornings to 'Spray Him'. Soon enough, he would take position (arms out like a scarecrow and legs apart) while I would spray him up and down, front and back and he would walk out the door to work or church. Now he doesn't even always have to say 'Spray me', we just know. He comes up, takes scarecrow position while I grab the water bottle and start spraying.

So to learn from the Spray Wrinkle Releasing Masters, I will share my tips with you today, and only today (this just in, you can access this post later on? Oh golly gee willickers, that takes the glory out of it. My message of help just got cheapened).


Husband (can be wife sometimes, but never the mailman): Take scarecrow position, give wife the all knowing look.
Wife: Start spraying nice even strokes, er sprays. That spray CANNOT be a squirt! I repeat, it must be a nice even spray. Beautiful. If it's a squirt, forget about it!
NOW, here is the secret. You cannot just spray, the other salesman will tell you that you can, but it just doesn't do the job 100%. You must spray, then press. Press with your hand nice and flat, nice even strokes, all the way around. If your strokes aren't even, you will create stripes of wrinkles. So you must find the art of the hand press stroke.
Last but not least, do it with a few minutes to spare before sitting down if you can, otherwise your moisture will set into the sitting wrinkles that you create.

And there you have it. The most useless, I mean useful post ever.

(I keep letting my other post ideas that I haven't gotten to keep me from posting, things like how I was just listed as 1 of Top 8 blogs on a favorite blog of mine - yay!, or how I love my new header that my talented husband created for me, or how our Christmas & New Years went and the pictures we took with a borrowed camera, or how we visited the coolest antique store I've ever seen last weekend in Cottonwood, Arizona, OR, OR...)

The funnest part of this post: Using the term Golly Gee Willickers. Not sure if I even spelled it right. But I liked it. If only you could hear the voice that comes along with that phrase in my family. I'll give you a hint. It's sarcastic. It turns Ron Howard in The Andy Griffith Show in an instant.


R said...

Love the new blog design and name! It's so perfect for you!

Davis family said...

I love the new header. Its great. and the name is perfect. and thanks for the tips. we usually go to church wrinkly.

Alexandra and Benjamin said...

Love you. Love your blog. Love this post. I could hear your voice while I read it. You are the cutest inside and out. I loved talking to you the other day. You are so insightful. We should do that more often. It made me miss you, friend.

Anonymous said...

love the new banner and name. I especially love that picture of Taya coming down the slide. That's classic. Sounds like your ironing trick is more difficult than ironing.

your bro,


Denise said...

Hey that's even quicker than throwing it in the dryer while he's in the shower, I like it. We need to get together. Like actually get together instead of just talking about it. I'll call you. And if I don't then you call me.

Janalee said...

love golly gee willickers - how DO you spell that?

I'll keep the tip in mine, I'm usually a dryer girl

3 Bay B Chicks said...

You're back! Hooray. And you are welcoming in the new year on your blog with updated photos, a fab header, and a very fun post. Your fans thank you!

It is funny how, after time, you can communicate with your husband without saying a word. There are days when Geoff looks at me and says, "what's wrong?" And, as much as I hate to admit it, he is right on the money, everytime.