Thursday, January 22, 2009

Antique Mania

We visited Cottonwood, Arizona recently on a quick stay in Sedona (thanks to a free stay Mom & Dad!). We came across Larry's Antiques in Old town Cottonwood. Maybe I am just getting introduced to the antique world, or maybe, just maybe .. I am right in that this was one of the biggest little antique stores around! Every corner you turned in the store opened up a whole new variety of antiques to relish and old commercial ditty's to reminisce about (okay, so I wasn't alive back then, but if I was I would be reminiscing about these ditty's). I've been in touristy antique shops, but this one seemed much more entertaining and eclectic to me with everything from pioneer type wagons to a deep orange vintage pitcher sitting on a tilt angle (loved this one!) to an old fashioned egg beater with a beautiful turquoise handle (that I bought for $2) to vintage advertisement signs and old stoves.
So I wanted to share one of my favorites with you here.

Milk Jugs. I can see any of these as a decor piece, inside or outside. I especially love the rusted one on the left & the vibrant blue jug near the right.

Just throw some lemon branches in the blue jug, and set it near your fireplace, on a display shelf, incorporated in your kitchen, next to your front door. The possibilities are endless! And I love the saturated blue. I can't stop visualizing it.

Lemon Pictures, Images and Photos

(Photo bucket Picture; unfortunately no lemon branch pictures to be copied, but isn't this pretty?)


The next weekend after our Cottonwood/Sedona jaunt (I think the word jaunt is amusing for some reason), I attempted a flea market excursion to east Mesa to look for more antiques to share ideas with you, but there were no antiques. Just the worst kind of southwestern pastel art that I could personally do without (no offense to those who like it; it is good that we all have different taste right?), along with silk screened t-shirts & millions of gadgets to clutter your home. No antiques (as advertised). So I will be looking for other real antique markets soon. Because I keep seeing great finds on other design blogs. Does anyone want to venture out with me?
Here are a couple of our other finds.

I love this bright red & this very subtle silvery blue.
See all those antiques in the background? Stories to be told there I'm sure.

Can you just imagine your hair pinned up, your apron tied, in your antique kitchen? I know I like modern, but I could really get into antique accents. Actually, I just like a balance of both eclectically mixed together, yet simple & clean. What about you?


Elise said...

Hey! I am so glad I found your blog! I was thinking that you and Paul and Mitch and I should do dinner or something one of these nights! Let me know what works for you guys!

Denise said...

If you find any great antigue shops here I'd love to go for a girls afternoon. Leave the boys with the little'ens and take off for a few hours. Sounds like pure bliss to me.

Janalee said...

you really have to go to Miami then, there's a whole street lined with them.

Shadow Of Me said...

Wow antique stuff sound and seems like they got a meaning.....A single thing which if no use and then made so useful for someother resaon sounds a gr8 deal.......
And the stuff you added in blog r really preety.....I loved them.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

A mixture of the old and the new is my definition of wonderful home decor too. My fav from this post? Definitely the bright red stove. Such a happy, happy color.

Would love to come along for the ride as you explore all-things-antique. You are my connection to better design. :)


paula said...

There is an awesome antique/junk store in Payson called Pioneer Village (I think Village) Anyway, it is on the way thru town on the way to Pine. They are not always open, just when they feel like it. Love to browse.

Larry and Karri said...

Antique shops are so fun - you never know what you're going to find there. I've spent hours browsing in antique shops but thankfully I never end up bringing any of it home though; to me it's more fun to look at in a store rather than at home. :)