Monday, January 19, 2009

Architect for Hire

Has Paul started modeling you ask? What, would you be surprised by this or something?
The truth: Architect Magazine is doing an article, featuring Paul. So they had this mega talent photographer, Joe Pugliese fly from LA to Phoenix just to come to our house to do a photo shoot of the one & only: Paul (along with Taya in a couple photos too). Joe's website shows his portfolio filled with celebrities (family friendly note: one photo might warrant avoiding going very far on the 'Portfolio: Portraits' section). It was very cool to have Joe & his assistant, Aaron in our home for the photoshoot & to see their process (btw, they use film, not digital, interesting huh?). They were so kind in letting me hang around and ask them questions about their work. I put on my best clothes, did my best make-up and hair, but to no avail: no one asked for any pictures of me ...
I know, I know, it was Paul's shoot.

So why is Paul being featured in Architect Magazine? Well, this is the more unfortunate part: Paul was laid off from Circle West Architects in the middle of November. Amanda Hurley, of Architect Magazine found Paul's resume online & was impressed with it; she gave him a call asking if she could feature him along with a couple of others in an upcoming article about quality architects being out of work due to this economy. Well, obviously Paul was up for the article. (Check it out in February!)

Work it, work it...
It is VERY difficult to find a job in this economy right now, especially in architecture in Phoenix. We are open minded (in location & field of work), so if you have any ideas or networking or opportunities to share with us, please let us know! Paul is licensed (AIA) and LEED accredited (respected certification relating to environmentally sound design). A few of his valuable skills include Revit knowledge (respected 3D rendering program), along with intuitive strength in design. I hope you don't mind me using my blog to try to open up any other possible doors for my husband's career. We have included a slideshow of images of Paul's work on the sidebar there. Some of Paul's other skills include: furniture design & carpentry, graphics & renderings, and construction & home improvement.

Shown below are a few examples of Paul's talented work.

South Bank Mixed Use Development Rendering

Life Cycle Building Challenge Competition Submittal

Frehner Residence, Las Vegas, NV

Student Thesis Project: Cal Poly SLO 2003

If you know of any connection that might be interested in Paul's work, please forward this post on! You can also contact Paul by email at

Thanks for checking us out!


Sara said...

How fun to have him in a magazine, but how sad that that's the reason! Good luck, I wish I could provide some help! I also wish I had family around to refer you to for the closets. Wow, I'm really striking out today!

Janalee said...

oh I would have been there too. Were they like, 'ok, now look forlorn as you look out the window.' and stuff like that?

that is really neat, can't wait to see the magazine article and pics.

now I'll be nerbous around Paul cause he's famous.

Christy said...

Talk about a mixed emotion post- but what a cool experience to apart of a photo shoot like that.

Bianca said...

The magazine will be good exposure for Paul. A friend of mine just also got laid off too. He, just like Paul, has really good creditials. It's almost unbelievable! Good luck on the job search! Keep your hopes up!

Shannon said...

What a great opportunity! I hope this exposure presents a great opportunity. I like how the photographer uses film and not digital.

Kim said...

Mom had told us that Paul had lost his job. I totally know how you feel with Joe looking for a job right now as well. This magazine will give Paul some great exposure! Best of luck!

TheBlackForrist said...

Wow, this is cool, I like Paul's design style. let him know I say "congrats!!!" on the article.