Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taya's Halloween 2008

Here is a bit of catch up on Halloween pictures of Taya. We had a blessing and baptism of our favorite niece & favorite nephew (don't worry all 26 of our other nieces & nephews - you're our favorites too -especially when you draw us pictures and give us candy) in Las Vegas that weekend, and we were able to leave at lunch time on Halloween to make it to Las Vegas just in time to trick or treat with all of Paul's family. We finished the night off with chili & cornbread and dug into Taya's candy :) (the only year we can do that)

(This is funny - these people weren't home & Taya just hopped on their tricycle sitting on the front porch - we snapped a pic before we took her off - should we leave a copy of the pic in their mailbox?)

It was a Happy Halloween!


Davis family said...

oh yay, an update!! what a beautiful zebra. Looks like a fun halloween. now where are the pictures of that new niece? I have been waiting for pictures.

Shannon said...

Love the costume! I think Taya looked so cute in that last picture.