Thursday, November 20, 2008

Your Choice (if it's a good one)

I would like to change the header name on my blog from Johnson, Johnson ... & Johnson to : ??

Your Choice (if I like it ).
It can't be too cheesy, too serious or sappy; just clever, free of my last name, a little funny, and better than all of your headers - you know, so I can surpass the Jones'. Okay, now GO! Tell me! What's my new title?
***Okay, so I'm going to add that I'm definitely enjoying my MapCluster I've added there at the bottom of my blog. It shows me how many hits I'm getting and where in the world they're coming from. But now my curiosity is getting the best of me. So this is the thing: Not to make my Saudi Arabia friend feel awkward, but would you like to show yourself? I am trying to think of who in Saudi Arabia would possibly find my blog (I have my blog so that it cannot be searched through google or blogspot). If you are someone I'd like to become pen pals with, leave me a comment! Suggest a new name for my blog! Pinch Taya's cheeks even! Or if you know me, leave me a comment! Suggest a new name ...... Okay, you get the point.
And I bet I speak for all bloggers when I invite anyone else who periodically takes a peek at my blog to poke their head in and say hi.***
I'm getting even more excited for Thanksgiving (my excitement began when October started - my entire family is having it together out here in Arizona). I'm helping to plan our Thanksgiving menu - I'm looking up fresh produce markets to buy our goods at, and I'm writing my posts in Thanksgiving colors, how excited are you?


Lauren said...

I have no name suggestions. If I think of something, I'll come back. You might like It's a free report of the last 500 hits you get. It's great because you can see a map, visitor paths, how long people are staying for, and lots of other things. That way, when you get those crazy hits from Norway, Argentina, and Wales (those were my foreign hits today), you can see how they're finding your site. Usually these are from search engines and usually from image searches I've found. These people will only stay from less than a second. I really like using it.

Janalee said...

if Taya's name was Julie or something with a J, your blog could have been P,B & J. har har

Breanne said...

Jana - we actually have been called P,B&J before - just between Paul's name, mine & our last name - I am counting on you Jana! This one will enter the contest. But the more names you enter the more likely you are to win --that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from a friendship with me, lucky you :)

-Lauren - that website sounds more detailed, I'll probably check it out. I have one a hit from Russia too, and some Europe, but I know of at least one in Germany anyway that would make sense.
Paul said I should have ended this post with the stipulation that I am only inviting people to leave a comment if they're not a terrorist - I said I had already thought of that, but thought it was a bit of stereotyping to put on my blog, no?

Janalee said...

I think it's really rude and intolerant not to include terrorists. I bet they'd have good ideas too.

Sara said...

Could you maybe do some sort of a play on words between yours and Paul's hobbies/professions? You guys are so creative and talented.

Christy said...

You find Jana's blog you find EVERYONE's blog...
Why do you want to change it? I think the Johnson thing is cute.

Roundy Crew said...

Breanne Johnson! It's so great to hear from you. My parents said they saw you. Your family is adorable. Taya is too cute. My Simon is just about the same age, 17 months. I LOVE her groovy moves. I love keeping in touch with old friends through blog. You look GREAT! Congratulations on life going so well. And I think the blog title is already cute. :) See ya.

Larry and Karri said...

I like the PB&J. :)

In the interest of wanting to be slightly more anonymous I'll probably be changing our blog too (i.e. removing our last name).\

Can't wait for Thanksgiving either!!!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Bre, I actually really like the name of your blog. I think it's witty. However, I understand why you might want to venture out. (this is your bro, t-dog). Kacey's friend, Keri Bruins, has a pretty good one, ForeverFoldingLaundry. Something self-effacing like that is both catchy and instantaneously relatable. How about "25 Diapers" or "Baby Bag" or "Baby Bag Lady" or Diapers and a spot of Tea" or "Another Mom Blog" or "Tyler Is Awesome!!" Just kidding about the last one only. Peace

Anonymous said...

Hey Bresk!
What about "Worth Celebrating" or "Dancing Queen" or "Distinct Design" or "Life in Design" or "Taya Loves Me" or "In Process" or "Architecture of Our Lives" or "Mesa Motherhood" or "See Us in Phoenix" or "I've Been Thinking" or "Dance Put to Words" etc. etc.
Just brainstorming off the top of my head of things that mean something to you but could have double meaning in a title.
Good luck!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I don't know. I think Tyler might be onto something. In addition to Tyler is Awesome, here are a few others I came up with:

Tyler, my brother, my inspiration
Ask a Dad and his infinite wisdom

In all seriousness, I would go with P, B & J. That one made me laugh.

PS: Maybe your Saudi Arabia friend is really just a ex-pat living abroad? Think positive thoughts. :)


Lively's said...

I hope you remember me, and I am leaving this message because I just thought it was so incredibly clever the way you asked...This is Ashley Allen (Lively now). I was in Galena with you. Your family is so cute! I hope you are doing well in Arizona. I don't know how anyone lives in such a hot climate, but I guess someone has to. Taya is such a doll! She has good genes I guess! Well, from what it sounds like on here, your life is great, as it should be. Hope to hear from you sometime!