Friday, August 8, 2008

Taya's First Year

Newborn Taya
(Long post ahead; a brief journal of Taya's first year)
Two pics, not even one week old yet!
Skip Forward: Round Faced 8 Months!
Skip Forward Again: 9 Months

And Here it is! Taya's First Birthday, shared with Grandpa Harris too!
Taya got to dive into a big lovely piece of cake all by herself, she didn't waste any time!

My mom surprised us with this dress for Taya when she came to welcome Taya's birth a year ago: it is made out of the leftover fabrics from Taya's bedding that my mom also made - now it just about fits! Isn't it CUTE?
Our own little photo shoot on Taya's actual birthday; apparently she wasn't too happy about it.
I spoiled Taya with her first bubble bath on her birthday too; she looks happy here, but she actually didn't like it that much. How can a girl not like a bubble bath?

We celebrated Taya's birthday with swimming & BBQ, with family and a few close friends who've gotten to know Taya well this past year. It was great! I'm sure she'll remember it ALWAYS ;) This is kind of how Taya's first year has gone down: she was wonderful and a good sleeper the first 2 weeks of her life, then she helped us become more seasoned and experienced by pulling the Colicky Card for the next few months, but I stopped drinking and eating dairy and that mostly solved that. Then she pulled out the Social/Happy card and continues to exude happiness and fun around other babies, kids and adults more and more (she definitely becomes happier and more excited when company is over, she loves her attention that girl). Now she's a walking machine, loves to point at everything, buzz her lips, sign 'book' and occasionally attempt signing 'dog' & 'all gone', wave hello/bye bye/night night, and hold any telephone to her ear saying 'Hi.Hi.Hi.Hi.Hi.'
We love you so much Taya!! We can't wait to share more birthdays with you!!


Lauren said...

The first time I read a post, I really only look at the pictures and while skimming the text. The pictures are too fun to not look at right away. Then I go back and really read what people wrote. Anyway, the first time I "read" this post, I saw something about the dress made out of her bedding fabric. I thought, "Oh no, I can't believe they cut up that cute bedding". I knew that couldn't be right so I read the whole paragraph. Whoo, that was a close one. It's a cute dress and Taya is just darling.

Sara said...

What a nice first-year summary! I still haven't taken Ben's one year pictures due to the non-cooperation factor. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I like your new look to the blog. Taya's a sweetheart! You're such a good mama!

The Wests said...

Yep. She's still cute! It's amazing how a year goes by huh? I remember holding her all the time in church. That little girl!

Janalee said...

How do you like that? I just copied your whole format for Julian's birthday, cake, hospital photo, everything. Unerringly!!!

Janalee said...

I'd actually seen this when you first posted it, but didn't consciously copy it, but maybe subconsciously. Either way...we're still friends!


Denise said...

I wouldn't be her friend anymore Breanne, she's such a copy cat.

Taya is sooo cute, I feel like we live hours and hours away, we don't see you enough. Let's get together.

Oh and btw, the pic on my blog is at the Las Vegas Temple, you are good.

Kara said...

Hi Bre! Great summary! She does look happy in that bubble bath, and the dress is darling. Sounds like a fun year. Many, many more happy years to Taya and to you! =)

paula said...

Adorable. So much life. Looks like you survived the first year with flying colors.