Friday, August 22, 2008

LOTS to do (and tell about) in the White Mountains...

So my parents invited us to join them in Pinetop, Arizona for this past week. We went up Saturday through Wednesday and then let my parents have a few more days to themselves. Paul & I had been to Pinetop for a brief overnighter for our 2nd anniversary in the wintertime and knew how beautiful it was, so we were looking forward to just enjoying the beauty, playing, relaxing and enjoying the cooler weather! It was a really great trip. We got the scoop on what to do (i.e. last post + some other tips for Arizona natives). We actually started on Friday night, staying at my parents house, and went rapelling Saturday morning just outside Mesa with friends which was very fun! - and then we picked Taya back up at my parents' and all headed out for Pinetop, stopping along the way near Payson to take a short hike to a natural swimming hole - it was beautiful! Sunday we just enjoyed church and then staying in due to a pouring rainy day; playing games, taking naps, etc.
Monday was the highlight: we got up and headed out to the nearby secluded Hawley Lake surrounded by pines, rented a small motor boat and went fishing on the lake and picknicking across the lake. Poor Paul and my Dad only caught crawdads (like 6 of them!) and were teased by fish over and over again, biting and stealing their bate only to get away. After we left the lake, we drove further away from Pinetop towards the tiny town of Greer (near a ski resort) and took a scenic loop drive to Greens Peak Lookout along the way, 10,000 ft. elevation - amazing views!!! We then finished off the day driving to Greer and eating at Molly Butler's Grill - a locals lodge with great steaks, etc. that faces grassy meadows and a tall green mountain of pines right across the street. After a brief rain pour, a double rainbow showed up right over these grassy meadows - it was a picture perfect finish to our wonderful day.
Tuesday, Paul and I started with an intense workout dvd, then did laps in the hotel pool, then went mountain biking - and later regretted all of our activity due to our SOAR muscles. Then we finished it all off with a dinner out to The Pasta House restaurant - GREAT Italian food - a restaurant we had been to on our 2nd anniversary as well.
Before driving home (which included a couple scenic lake detours) on Wednesday, we went to the Snowflake temple that morning and then briefly stopped in and by a couple of the cute, quaint historic houses/social hall before heading back to pick up Taya so we could drive on home.
All in all, it was truly a wonderful trip and we felt VERY lucky to have the chance to stay with my parents in Pinetop, and lucky again to have a few chances to go to dinner, to the temple and moutain biking while my parents watched Taya. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mom & Dad!!
So now for the part that's actually interesting for everyone else: the pictures!

I did this cliff jump too, but there was no flipping for me thank you - but look at Paul!

The only sad part was that there was SO much trash near this swimming hole; this is only part of it; we collected the rest and packed it out of camp like good scouts :)

Coming from church
Hawley Lake

At Greens Peak lookout, there were radio towers too and we climbed over this to get up there despite the 'Danger!' & 'Keep Out!' signs - I felt so tough, it was worth it for the best view!
Then this big black rain cloud started to loom and I scurried down knowing we were in the WORST POSSIBLE LOCATION for lightning.

Here is our view near Molly Butler's restaurant in Greer.
We could see the entire arches of this double rainbow, but were too close with our cameras to capture it all.

Goin' out to dinner.


The Wests said...

Glad you had fun! (and enjoyed Molly Butlers!)

Janalee said...

the skin colored T in front of the church threw me of for a minute. WHAT is she wearing?

Gorgeous scenery, I really want to go there!

Breanne said...

Yeah, that shirt is light pink and I noticed that for a second after I posted it too, but figured - aah people will see it's a shirt .... what's funny is that I knew you were going to say something about it Jana :)

Sara said...

I also noticed, but I thought "well, it must be Paul's second wife in the picture with him"

It looks like you guys had a TON of fun. Honestly though, can you even MOVE after that workout? Unbelieveable.

Jessica said...

What a fun little vacation. That's so great that you got to be with your parents and were able to have some alone time too! It looks gorgeous up there. I'm glad you had a wonderful trip. Taya is so cute, I just love seeing pictures of her.

Anonymous said...

I loved the way you wrote this, I felt like I was there, well sort of, you know!! Glad you had such a great time. Totally beautiful. Oh and the white dress with the skin colored tee looks great on you! Really when I saw the picture, I was like, wow, Breanne looks really good in that! What work out video did you do?
(you will have show me what you learn at this hip-hop class...i would enjoy THAT!:)

Maelin said...

I love the picture if Taya!!!! I LOVE your white dress too.


Maelin said...

of Taya sorry. :0

Shannon said...

HOw fun!!!! Glad you had such a great time. You're lucky to travel like you do:) I love being in the mountains--God's country.

Melanie and Jarom said...

Wow thats so cool. Me and Jarom need to go vacationing with you guys! You guys always find a way to do the coolest things. We were just in Show Low for a reunion but we kind of confined ourselves to the cabin so we need your expertise to help us enjoy our vacations a little more! Beautiful pictures too. And I did a double take on the dress too! It is so cute! Can't wait to see you in hip hop!

paula said...

Fun, Fun, Fun. It is so nice to get out of the heat for a while and enjoy beautiful Arizona. It really is a beautiful state with so much to offer on every level.

I know, my side job is writing for Arizona Highways:)

Larry and Karri said...

What beautiful pictures! I love Green's Peak and have been camping there several times. (that's where Larry broke his collar bone 2 years ago - riding his bike down the mountain where the lookout tower is) Glad you guys had fun and made it back okay without any trips to the hospital. :)