Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Random Things ...

Color. That's right. I'm grateful for color. I'm trying to choose these subjects at random, can you tell? I like to choose subjects that will make you think - oh yeah, I don't think of that too often.
Aren't you glad that this world has color? It adds beauty and interest to literally everything!!! I love color in scenery. I love natural greens, blues, beiges, reds ... not to mention the thousands of colors splashed about in flowers and landscape around the world. The colors found in various foods are even fascinating (okay, am I sounding dorky enough here?). And if you didn't guess - I love color because of what it does for interiors! We can describe ourselves through our homes (as well as our clothes, our cars, our make-up, the exterior of our homes) with color, and we can create a certain 'feel' that we're longing for. I love the calming and subtle effect that our family room, living room and hallway have on us with their gray greens. What if God had created an all gray or all white or all black world? I think life would actually be significantly different. So thank goodness we have color!

Anyhow, that's my random thankful note for the moment. After all, who says we shouldn't be grateful after Thanksgiving?


Lynette said...

You know I love COLOR!!!

Breanne said...

Haha - I did think of you Lynette. That indeed, you must!