Monday, November 5, 2007

Belated Halloween Pics!

Taya didn't swing from a branch very well when we tried it, so we finally just put her on the ground - the little monkey!
I've never seen a monkey lounge quite like this, have you?
Who knew Octopus's and Monkeys could be friends? .... This is Taya's good little friend, Lydia or Lydi as we call her (Melanie's daughter) - they are 10 months apart - can you believe how much they grow?!


Lauren said...

What a cute little monkey

Lynette said...

So cute!!!
I cannot believe that was your sister! I was like WHO is this?! Crazy! I hope she likes what she got, that ring is so weird! If she doesn't like it, tell her she can totally return it, NO biggie! It is definetly a unique one and not something every person would wear! I like it, but I am weird:) I love those wood earrings, she will like those for sure. Ok, well thanks so much for telling your sister about me, that is awesome! I wish I had known before I mailed it out, I would have thrown in something extra!

Janalee said...

Taya is soooooooo cute.I wish I could pinch her cheeks.