Monday, February 2, 2009


How do you make up for a previous post that turns out as kind of a dud? You post pictures of your gregarious daughter!

Gregarious? Yes. Defined as: fond of the company of others; sociable.

That is definitely one of Taya's traits.

(If I could be as entertaining to Taya as a whole group of kids &/or adults, she could possibly stay happily content with me all day long)

(These pictures are from late September, but I had to share! I still need to post the other newborn pictures I took that day of my adorable niece! Maybe this week!)

(Taya & her cousin, Presley who is one year older - they're cute buddies!)

Taya turned 18 months last week. One of the biggest steps for 18 months for Taya is that she is now old enough to join the children's nursery group during church. Because she is gregarious (inserted like a 2nd grade school assignment), she was not scared of entering a big room full of kids one bit. She loved it! (Though I hope she doesn't become too dominant - maybe a nice way of saying pushy - of a toodling toddler for the other kids!)

Another fun thing about Taya starting nursery is that I was recently asked to be in charge of music for our church primary & nursery kids (Primary Chorister). I was a little weary of how entertaining I could possibly be for all the kids, but I think I am already having fun with it so far. But what this means is that I get to go into nursery where Taya is at for a short music time each week, so I love to see her in that setting, following me more as a music leader than her mom, or at least some combination of the two.

Taya is becoming more & more skilled with baby sign language, using it to communicate without me prompting her, so I love it! Taya loves signing more, eat, drink, please, thank you, love you, doggie, baby, bird, potty, and some others. She loves to speak some of these words too along with others, but my favorite word that she says right now is 'bubbles'. Well, okay, I love it when she says 'uh oh', 'eyes' or 'whoa' among others too! She's kind of funny when she says 'eyes' because she points to her eyes, but doesn't know not to poke her own eye - so she's always squinting to prepare for her eye poke.

A few other things Taya loves are: toothbrushes (sneaking into bathrooms whenever she can, climbing on the counters & grabbing all toothbrushes in sight - uh, it's kind of a problem), climbing anything and everything (also kind of a problem!), bubbles, Ring Around the Rosies (the falling down part!), and any kind of social interaction, especially saying 'Hi' & 'Bye' to everyone.

I can't believe she is already 18 months!

Love you T-T-T-Taya!!!

(I was hoping that I would have the rights to say 'Boo Yah!' today after the Super Bowl results, but unfortunately I don't have that right. Shuxy Darn. Poor Arizona. Poor Cardinals. Exciting game though!)


Sara said...

She's stunning. What a gorgeous toddler!

Davis family said...

That is a great post. You have a beuatiful daughter. 18 months is a great age.

Denise said...

Gregarious is such a perfect word for her. I love how social she is. And cute to boot. She's got it all.

Shara said...

Don't you love nursery! Kaylee absolutely loves it!!! Man they grow up way too fast!

Shadow Of Me said...

I am again repeating myself Taya is really beautiful..........
I loved her second pic a lot....Her smile , her eyes says how much she enjoyed that swing.
Just today in morning while I was coming to office I saw few babies playing on swing and Taya reminds of them.........One baby came down to swing and just like Taya sitting sat like that in a sec another baby came pushed the first baby and fall one up other.............I rolled laughing that time..........
It sound so cute to her from babies and talk to them in same tone is just what I love to...........

Larry and Karri said...

Taya is so beautiful, and I think her personality fits her perfectly! BTW, I think you do a great job w/ the music in primary - the kids are so attentive! I love how you make it "hands-on" for them!