Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh my sweet, Sweetie Pie

Dyllan.  Sweet, sweet Dyllan.  I'm not one to use the words 'sweet', 'precious' ... and those descriptive types ... (no hatin' if you do).  But sweet is just the best way to describe Dyllan.  She is so happy & easy going.  She shares her personality in a soft & endearing way.  She loves to smile at strangers, softly look away, and then look back & smile again.  She loves to talk (growl too) & we can't get enough of the sound of her voice.  I loved this age with Taya and I am again savoring it with Dyllan. 
A few more things about our little 7 month old (just barely) is that she has stayed in the 97% or so for length & started at 75% for weight, but dropped to 50% in weight by 6 months.  From what I can tell, she's just about got legs for days.  And she's still got her endearing little baldy head, my big floppy ears, & her angel's kiss on the forehead, which is fading some.  She eats solids, but we just barely slide that spoon into her mouth each time - she's mildly interested (though everything else goes into her mouth of course).  75% of the time, she pretty much hates being in the car, and she's a little stubborn in getting to sleep sometimes, & has a slight case of Mama's Girllitis, but the rest of the time, she is, well, like I said, as sweet as they come.  She gets up on her knees a little bit & will soon be rocking on all fours any day or week now.  She is also a little jumping bean!  Jumping, kicking ... maybe she'll love dance, track or soccer one day : )  Who knows. 
Still nothing gets her to smile or laugh more than one of our smiles & eye contact.  We love this little baby girl, and as my friend, Erin (Turley) would say 'She's a keeper!!'

As you can see, she (along with Taya) continue to be my most popular photo subjects. 


rebecca and eric said...

yay breanne, so cute. I love your style too. I am not such a good decorator! but it doesn't bother me enough to do anything about it :) I too have a blog but it's private- if you facebook message me your email address I'll invite you!

Janalee said...

what a sweet precious keeper! I love that face. So now that I know certain words aren't exactly your style... I'm intrigued and want to hear more..

Jen said...


That's really all I have to say. Loving Dyllan and her sweeeeeet face. Keep the posts coming if you can!

(PS. Stopped by the in-laws and tried your chili -- delish!!!!! Can I get the recipe?)

Bekka said...

I die for her nonchalant chin on hand pose. I know baby gap was holding a casting call. Don't waste her raw talent!

Sara said...

Ooh - I have the same floppy ears too! So, so sweet.

Meikel said...

Anytime you are in P-town call me! We will lunch and you are most welcome to 2nd shoot with me!