Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vote Ya'll!

(I always thought that Carrie Underwood's Literacy Campaign name was ironically funny:  'Read Ya'll!')

I wrote this post a couple of days ago and my computer decided to shut down the internet when I had finished - without saving it yet ... so this will be the short version!

Did you see my voting poll over there on the right side?  ... Whether you think this baby will be a boy or a girl? You have one day left to vote!

I've been asked a lot what gender I want.  I really don't care with this one.  I think there would be fun things with a girl or a boy.  Girl - cheaper (for now ... not in 15 years, make that 12 or 13 yrs.) & it would be so fun to know Taya would have a sister (I love having sisters!!!).  But a boy would be fun and new and would guarantee us, well - a boy!  I hope to have a boy at some point, I just don't necessarily care what order.  Of course, Paul is pulling for a boy BIG-TIME.

On another note, Taya makes us laugh everyday - I will have to rewrite Taya-isms (that's what I lost in the last post) soon.  But she says things like 'milk' with a southern drawl - meeeiiilk & 'garbage' like a Boston city garbage man - gaahhhbage & world= waaeed (actually I have no idea how to spell the way she says it - you'll just have to know it's funny).

I'll see you back here soon!!


David Harris said...

I like your banner design.
We need to keep our own log of Tayaisms.

Bianca said...

You know, the opposite sex is really not that much more expensive... I had a lot of clothes given to me and there are a lot of inexpensive options to replace carseat covers :)
The most expensive part is the diapers and the new double stroller. Nothing else really changes...

Davis family said...

Happy Birthday!!

The Duxbury Family said...

Happy Birthday, Breanne! How fun to find out the gender of your baby on your birthday! What an incredible gift!! By the way...congratulations on your baby on the way! Oh, and I when I was at Shannon's last in January sometime...she was watching Taya that day. -And can I just say that Taya is absolutely adorable?! It was fun to see how much she's grown. Luke enjoyed playing with her too. She is such a sweet,fun girl! And guess what...I was privileged enough to get to hear her say "meeeiiilk." I loved it! I even remember commenting to Shannon how cute it was, and that it sounded like she had a Southern drawl...for that one word, that is. :o)

Larry and Karri said...

Happy b-day yesterday! And I can't wait to hear what gender baby #2 is gonna be for you. :)