Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Small Miracle

Yesterday Taya woke up with her Arthritis inflamed again, so much so that she initially couldn't walk, let alone even stand.  I called into work to take a little extra time to care for her, giving her a bath, medicine & massage.  She was still limping badly by the time I dropped her off at Annie's house.  Around that time, I texted family and a couple of friends, informing them that her condition had returned in full force & requesting thoughts & prayers.  I had beautiful response letting me know that those prayers were said and those thoughts were nurtured.  Those were a comfort.  

The small (or even big to me) miracle that occurred was that today Taya had hardly a trace of the inflammation.  Pretty much zip, zero inflammation/limping.  We're taking it day by day, but I particularly wanted that load lightened if possible at this moment, and it is just a good reminder that prayer works.  And when you need it from others, it is humbling to ask, but gratifying and comforting to receive the answer from the Lord - in this case, the answer was immediate recovery.  (I would not have expected that at all since she limped straight from the beginning of March '09 to Aug. 7th when she received her steroid shots).

I'm thankful for prayer.  I'm thankful for those dear times when Heavenly Father delivers simply and clearly - which feels like a gift that nurtures me and reminds me He is always there and loves me.  

So thank you to any of you who prayed for Taya yesterday.  It worked :)

Now she's back to dancing, attempting to ride her tricycle & jumping on our mini-trampoline again.  

Happy Girl She is.

And grateful Mom am I.


Jen said...

Wow, Breanne! What a crazy thing to deal with. You are such a good mother. One of the most touching things is when you find out your mother is praying for you. Someday Taya will hear these stories your prayers will evidence to her of your love and testimony. I'm glad she is doing better. Keep taking it day by day. We'll add you in our prayers too.

Erin said...

So glad to hear that she is doing better!

Caitlyn said...

What a comfort and relief. I hope she continues to overcome these things, but it sounds like you are tackling each thing day by day in the right ways. We'll add you in our prayers. Take care

Melanie and Jarom said...

I'm so glad she is better. That is so stressful! We'll keep her in our prayers. Poor little baby.

Sara said...

What a hard thing to watch as a mom. You are a woman of faith, no doubt.