Monday, May 4, 2009

This makes me want to cook!

What do you get from this post?
Write a 300 hundred word essay on it and get back to me.
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Morgan said...

breanne, you are so funny. all your posts are cracking me up!

i love this kitchen. it is gorgeous, and it does make you want to cook. since living in ny, with a closet sized kitchen, i have really come to realize how a kitchen really does inspire you to want to cook and create. my cooking has gone out the window. well, that's not really true. i do cook because i have to, but not as often as i should. it makes me sad. but i really hate cooking in there. it's such a pain and it makes me think bad thoughts about my stupid kitchen, and it makes me covet other people's kitchens. so really, it's better for my spirituality if I don't. ;) just kidding. but really, i can't wait to have a real kitchen again. and this time, i won't take it for granted, and i will make it beautiful!!