Friday, December 14, 2007

Toupe for the little one?

Paul has made up a new nickname for Taya: 'Toup' (sounded out as TUPE), short for 'Toupee', yes, as in a man's Toupee or hairpiece.
Can you see why?

Apparently, a little hairloss on the sides is cause enough for a father to nickname his daughter 'Toup'. Is there such thing as Rogain for babies?

.... Are we mean or what?


Kathryn said...

How funny! Don't feel too bad—When Riley lost her sideburn area, Matt called her "whitewalls."

Janalee said...

Julian is losing his hair too, I sit and pull it out by the fingerfulls for as long as he'll let me. I may as well speed up the inevitable.

Shannon said...

She has a cute toupe!