Saturday, September 22, 2007

He had a question for me?

Listen to this song - it has about the cutest and best lyrics for a wedding proposal doesn't it? And it's not cheesy either! Well, this is the song that Paul had playing in the car as we pulled up to the memorable place where he proposed to me three years ago come this Halloween weekend. Yes this was playing before he finally gave a REAL proposal - after 2+ fake ones!!!! Here is our story:

First off, when I was finishing up at BYU and Paul had already graduated and was living/working in Las Vegas by family, we were set up on a blind date by our sisters who knew each other. So we spent a lot of weekends back and forth in Vegas and in Utah. We kept talking about dates we wanted to do in Park City & Sundance in Utah, but never did them. I moved to Vegas and we kept dating. Well we had already begun 'marriage talk' and were heading to Utah for the weekend to visit family/friends. Well, the more you get to know me, the more you'll find out that I tend to plan and dream up a lot of things in my head - ahead of time - this drives Paul crazy! SO -- there was little surprise left for his marriage proposal - or so I thought! I had dreamt of being proposed to in Park City or Sundance because of the natural beauty and those being places near where we had spent some of our dating days. Paul knew me well enough to know that I probably knew he would propose that weekend.

It started on Friday night when I was getting ready in the bathroom for us to go out with some friends. Paul came into the bathroom and hugged me from behind. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring box and said "Open it" with a big ol' smile --- My head was saying 'Ummm, what? What is going on? Is this happening already? And is he really doing it this way with absolutely no build-up, no 'Will you marry me?', no bended knee, and in the bathroom of all places?!' ........ My mouth was saying "Uh why ... uhh ... ok.... uhhh...." Then Paul finally opened the box and a pair of earrings laughed me in the face, but not as much as Paul did!! I turned redder than the red shirt I was wearing and simultaneously laughed and started shaking because I was so flustered and embarrassed -- I was in the bedroom across the hall with the door closed, sweating and shaking before either Paul or I even knew it. Paul likes to tell people that I reacted this way because I was furious. Paul - I am not that shallow! I was simply flustered beyond belief - here my heart was pounding like crazy, I was sweating, and all of a sudden I was looking at earrings - I felt so presumptuous and tricked at the same time! Well, we went out with friends and all was fine ... but it left me very curious of course. Would he propose later that night, the next day, would he even propose that weekend?

Next day: We hung out with family, etc. etc. ... Then Paul asked me from the other room to grab his sweatshirt for him off the family room couch (we were staying at his sister's house) and bring it to him. Well, I grabbed the sweatshirt and a ring box falls out of the sweatshirt pocket onto the couch - a different ring box! My head was saying again - 'What?' Paul walks in from the other room and says "Open it". I open the box giving him a look like - I know what you're doing. This is just another joke! Well, it was a ring! Oh wait, no it wasn't! ...It was a lone necklace pendent in a ring shape with a small rhinestone at the head - it looked like a ring at first - and it got me all tripped up again! But I was getting used to this. There was no running into the next room for me this time.

Later that night: We went on a nice date, I was dressed up and looking my attempted best because I thought this might be it - I mean, how cruel could my boyfriend be? We drive to Park City and we have 'dinner reservations'. We walk around for a while in Park City before our 'dinner reservations' and I am just dreaming of Paul proposing to me across the table of a nice restaurant. Paul said we needed to get to our dinner reservations and he walks me to the car and we start driving away from Park City - back towards Orem where we were staying. I'm thinking - 'Huh, I thought our dinner reservations were in Park City - is he not proposing?'. But then on the way back through Provo Canyon, he all of a sudden turns off at Sundance - and we go to eat at a wonderful restaurant at Sundance. I was getting so nervous and excited. This had to be it. At one point during dinner, Paul reached across the table and held my hands. He started rubbing my left ring finger and grinning - pretty much laughing. But that was it! We finished our dinner and started walking straight to the car - not around the beautiful Sundance grounds - no nice walk by a creek with a proposal coming up. I was so confused!!! We started driving back down the canyon again, and all of a sudden Paul pulls off and starts playing this song 'Question' by the Old 97's - the one that is playing on my profile. Then - as we pull up to our destination I get it!!! 'Oh my gosh' I think ... 'He is taking me to the canyon park where we had our third date that was followed by our first kiss .... Duuhhh Breanne'. This song ended as we pulled up to the park. Paul turned on the headlights to light up the park - it was pitch black outside. I remember seeing our long silouettes ahead of us as we both walked out into the middle of the park shaking with excitement. I felt like a little kid. Paul stopped AND THEN FINALLY!!! He got down on bended knee - but then he said "Just kidding!!" ---
Okay, he is not that cruel. This was actually it this time. Paul beautifully proposed to me in this moment.
All in all, I loved it despite the torture! Paul knew I loved surprises (and the ring was a surprise by the way - he had picked out the diamond and had it put on a silver band with a special message engraved on it - we later had the diamond used in the final ring that we designed), but he also knew that I saw it coming - or did I? Yes, he tricked me good. But all with a much anticipated wonderful ending!!
I apologize for the overdone length of this! I told you in an earlier blog - I can't make things short! I'm just not good at it!
Now I am tagging all of my girlfriends. I want to hear some proposal stories. Anyone? Anyone?


Lynette said...

That is so cute! You look gorgeous!

Breanne said...

I had Paul read this and he was grinning, even beaming the entire time. At first I thought - Good! He likes it! I did a good job! And then I realized that I shouldn't flatter myself - he was only flattering himself - basking in his glory of pranks. He was reminded of how proud of himself he was for planning and pulling off such a good prank/proposal. .... Who would have thought you could put those two words together? ... Prank/Proposal
... perhaps that's a first ... then again, maybe not.

Janalee said...

Man you totally should have gotten him back when you told him you were pregnant. Somehow fake it the first 3 times. I don't know.

Breanne said...

Ooo.... why didn't I think of that?! Good idea - maybe next time...

Jen Anderson Fass said...

Your blog is awesome.Taya is SO darling. I told Jess I knew she would have a killer smile because her mom and dad BOTH do -and aha I was right =)
I can't wait to see more pics and read more about what you guys are up to. I hope we get to see you, Paul and Taya in the not too far future!
Btw - Taya's nursery is super cute. tres chic!

Shannon said...

Okay, I would've died. I am so like you, planning things out in my head. After my first date with John I had our life planned out and I was going to marry him!

That is a funny story and I bet Paul is so proud of himself. So what were his words when he proposed. I think that is such a cute story. Love all the details! What a stinker!

Shannon said...

Oh by the way, I love your dress and colors. You look so beautiful. Don't you just love your wedding day pics.

Sara said...

Okay, I'll accept your challenge to write how Joel proposed...only I'll tell the simple version on the family blog - the rest will be on my evil blog, since I'm not afraid to let myself look bad on that one. It really is a sad story. Poor Joel. By the way, I think Paul and Joel must be related. If only I could tell you the pranks he's pulled on me. Funny guys.